Fri 25th Oct 2013

Taiwan exploitation breeds poverty

Taiwan's exploitation of our people breeds poverty and their exploitation is one of the main reasons why there is so much poverty in SVG.

Taiwan makes billions of dollars from SVG's deep sea fish licence and in return our people get peanuts. When Taiwan gives us a few thousand dollars in pitiful charity money, it's not because they like us, it's because they like the billions they make from us

To mark SVG's 34 years of independence from Britain, Taiwan has made a hurried gift of $269,000 to 415 SVG school children on 18 October 2013: 187 Primary School Children $400 each, 169 Secondary School Children $800 each and 59 Post Secondary School children $1000.

Taiwan are so shameful and immoral, that they exploit our children in public, before our very eyes, with these token charity offerings. Taiwan should not use our school children in its social engineering in SVG. Taiwan's independence 'gift' is a gross insult and mocks our nation.

Taiwan just want our people to be subordinate to them and dependent upon them, so they can spoon-feed us whenever they like. The more they keep us in poverty, the more power they exert over our people. They make our country a begging nation. Taiwan use the same formula of exploitation in other countries around the world where they operate.

From the moment Taiwan came to our country over 30 years ago, their exploitation started to incubate poverty in SVG. Unless we stop the incubation that continues today, we will see another generation of Vincentians growing up in poverty.

Both the ULP and the NDP regimes have allowed Taiwan to exploit and abuse our people for over 30 years. This is shameful. However, for the benefit of our people, a Green government will make ties with China and get rid of Taiwan.

A Green government will stop the exploitation of our people by Taiwan, and Ivan O'Neal, personally, from his own wallet, will buy the Taiwan ambassador a one-way ticket out of here, for him never to return. We must send the Taiwanese home for our people to gain prosperity.

Vincentians be aware - whenever the Taiwanese gives us a gift, it is just a microscopic portion of what they have parasitically leeched from our fish license. The Taiwanese are so selfish. They are one of the world leaders in manufacturing, but they have not had the goodwill to set up a factory in SVG. They could not care if our people drop dead in the street from hunger - they just want our fish money.

Fishing for tuna is a billion dollar industry. A Green government will use that money to create thousands of new jobs for our people, reduce crime and poverty in SVG, and make sure all Vincentians have a high standard of living.

SVG needs a good revenue base for sustainable economic growth. We have to continue to fight for a fair taxation system in our country to stimulate economic growth, or else SVG will continue to be in poverty and squalor.

SVG Green Party

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