Fri 15th Nov 2013

Job creation and job security - SVG needs a Green Government

One of the main problems in SVG is that the economy is virtually dead.

This ULP government has spent over 12 years living off loan after loan. Now, the country has so much debt, over $1.3 billion, that we are at a greater risk of a serious economic collapse, which will cause thousands of government jobs to be lost. To avoid this, SVG must go Green.

The ULP government has no competent leadership and Gonsalves has been utterly hopeless in terms of building a strong economy in SVG. There is no innovation or creativity in trying to build a strong economy from our own initiative. It seems as if they are waiting for a miracle to fall from the sky.

Under a strategy of begging and borrowing, the ULP regime cannot offer government workers long-term job security. Only a strong economy can offer our people long-term job security and only a strong economy can bring thousands of new jobs.

One of the main barriers in our country to creating a strong economy, thousands of new jobs and bringing job security is that the ULP leadership is walking away from the challenges the country faces. One challenge is the fact that SVG does not have the appropriate skilled workers with a comparative advantage in any economic sector to attract foreign investment.

We need our own university to skill our people. That, in turn, will attract foreign investors to pump money in to our country and that in turn will create thousands of new jobs and bring long-term security to the jobs that already exist in SVG.

Gonsalves has recently bestowed upon the nation a 'master plan'. However, The SVG National Economic and Social Development Plan 2013 - 2015, which nicely abbreviates to N.O.N.S.E.N.S.E., does not mention building our own university.

In the N.O.N.S.E.N.S.E., the ULP regime lay out a clear plan for economic ruin and the loss of thousands of government jobs. No university means not enough skilled workers, and not enough skilled workers means no foreign investors pumping money in to our country, and no foreign investment means more debt and economic crisis.

Any good economist, i.e. not Gonsalves, knows, that at the beating heart of a strong economy is skilled workers and lots of thriving small businesses. SVG needs a comparative advantage in an economic sector to attract foreign investment. The N.O.N.S.E.N.S.E. should be disregarded as yet another illustration of ULP regime economic incompetence.

Almost two thirds (60%) of UK employers expressed the need for the workforce to be given skills education. SVG Green Party has been calling for our own science and technology university to build a knowledge-based economy as part of the solution for economic growth and job creation and job security.

A Green government is needed to create a strong economy. A Green government will focus on providing our people with skills and will do this by building our own science and technology university. We must invest in the education of our people to give them skills in order to attract foreign investors to SVG and to give our people job security.

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