Fri 12th Dec 2014

Abort Argyle – it is sucking the blood out of the economy

Work commenced on the Argyle airport project in 2006, and eight years later in 2014, it is still far from being completed. The Argyle airport project has been a colossal mistake from day one. It is clear to anyone who sees the muddy eyesore that the airport will not work.

Over $700 million has been wasted on the Argyle project and many millions more will be wasted over the next 4 years of works there, unless there is a change to a Green government. The Argyle airport is sucking the blood out of the SVG economy. SVG Green Party is calling on the people to vote Green Party at the next election to abort the Argyle airport and kick-start the economy and creation of thousands of new jobs.

The ULP government has lost its way; it seems to be prioritising building an airport for tourists and to have forgotten about the needs of its people. A government’s role, though, is to serve the needs of its people by providing jobs, a strong economy and a safe society. The ULP regime has failed in this in every way as unemployment is high, the economy is dangerously weak and there is a high level of crime in SVG.

Both the ULP and NDP regimes have pledged to continue with the Argyle airport, but this will be to the detriment of Vincentians’ needs. Thousands of families in SVG are suffering: they have no mains electricity and water and their children go hungry. We cannot wait 4 years while a government wastes millions of dollars more on Argyle airport and then finally wakes up and realises that Argyle airport cannot work.

Our people need change now. Our people need jobs now. Our people need mains water and electricity now. Our people need to feed their children now. Our people need to educate their children now. Our people need better hospitals now. Our people need a safe society now. Our people need a university now. Our people need to rise out of poverty now. Now is the time for change.

Argyle airport will not work. The runway orientation has shifted anticlockwise away from the recommended 02/20 direction. This has made the strong, gusty winds at Argyle more dangerous for aircrafts. There are a number of other flight safety hazards at Argyle which make the site highly unlikely to get a licence to operate. Every minute of the day, the northern end of the runway area is being washed away by the sea.

At the next election, the choice for the Vincentian people is simple: do you want a government that ignores its people’s needs and will continue to waste millions of dollars at Argyle for the next 4 years pushing mud in to the sea, or, do you want a government that will abort Argyle immediately, kick-start the economy and work tirelessly to create thousands of new jobs for its people.

A Green government will abort the Argyle airport – it is sucking the blood out of the economy. It’s all about the economy: we need a strong economy to create jobs and improve people’s lives. The NDP has failed. The ULP has failed. Only a Green government has the ideas and ability to build a strong economy.

SVG needs change. Vote Green.

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