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Fri 9th Oct 2015

SVG besieged by white foreigners not paying tax and taking our lands

SVG Green Party is deeply concerned that Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has been besieged by white foreigners not paying tax and custom duties and taking our land. The money that the white foreigners should have paid in tax to the SVG Treasury, is being used to buy up land in Kingstown and many other parts of our country.

In Mustique, Canouan and Bequia, the rich foreigners are not paying tax and customs duties and have built white enclaves, keeping out indigenous Vincentians from parts of our own country.

Fellow Vincentians, we have to stand up and fight this policy of aggression by white foreigners not paying tax and taking our lands. If we do not put policies in place to stop this besiegement of our country, we will lose our country to white foreigners.

We must do like Cuba and Singapore and ban the sale of lands in SVG to foreigners. A Green Government will protect and preserve our lands for our children and grandchildren. Our children and grandchildren are the future of this country, it is they who must inherit and own our country.

When foreigners accumulate wealth in our country, they become aggressive and talk to our people as if we are subordinate to them. Our people are being treated as if they are second class citizens in their own country. This attitude and behaviour is totally unacceptable.

With some properties owned by foreigners, the foreigners have extended their boundary in to the sea, cutting of Vincentians’ access to parts of some beaches. Local fishermen are stopped from fishing in the sea around Mustique.

This white foreigners life style is a very serious threat to our country and must be dismantled, failing that the indigenous people of our country will become second class citizens in their own country very quickly. We must operate within the rule of law and stop this aggressive take over, by passing legislation to dismantle this threat to our country, freedom and rights.

The danger of these foreign white enclaves is that they pollute the political system and buy a government of their choice to protect their enclaves, through election funding. There is no legal requirement in SVG for political parties to declare their source of funding for general elections.

Taiwan makes billions on our tuna-fishing licence and flying our national flag on Taiwan fishing vessels. Our country has lost billions of dollars in fish tax not paid by Taiwan. They are greedy parasites sucking the blood out of our country.

White foreigners have used some of the money they should have paid in tax to set up businesses in SVG and these businesses are not paying tax. Their businesses have an unfair competitive advantage over Vincentian businesses, that do pay tax and are suffering under the heavy VAT and other taxes.

Foreigners not paying tax and customs duties are choking our country’s economy. It is unacceptable, as it perpetuates high poverty, high unemployment and a poor quality of education for our children. If foreigners want to set up business in SVG, they must lease lands, set up joint-venture companies with Vincentians and pay tax and customs duties, as they do in Cuba and Singapore.

The European Union blacklisted SVG, because of the tax exemptions given to foreigners. The European Union has said that these tax exemptions given to foreigners must be abolished.

A Green Government will abolish tax exemptions given to foreigners and impose a Windfall Tax on foreign-owned companies that have not paid tax and customs duties over the years. All foreigners must pay tax. This is only fair and right as the SVG Treasury needs that money to cut poverty and unemployment and create a strong economy and thousands of new jobs.

On election day, vote Green Party. Put your X next to the telephone to preserve and protect our beloved country for our children and grandchildren and to make foreigners pay tax and to dismantle white enclaves in SVG.

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