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Fri 30th Oct 2015

Argyle airport is a museum piece

The main theme of Gonsalves’ independence message, on 27 October 2015, was that he will open the Argyle airport in 2016. We have been lied to before, being told Argyle airport would open in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

According to the International Civil Aviation Organisation, five years of wind studies are needed to calculate an airport’s 95% usability factor, i.e. to calculate whether the climatic conditions allow it to be used for more than 95% of the time.

The International Airport Development Company has failed to carry out 5 years of wind studies. According to data provided, only about 9 months of wind studies have been done. Argyle Airport cannot receive a licence to operate international flights without satisfying the 95% usability factor criteria. It may be another 5 years until a licence could possibly be attained.

Argyle airport is a financial disaster. It is nothing more than a museum piece.

About $850 million dollars has been wasted on Argyle airport. Never before in SVG, have we seen such a gross abuse of power: hundreds of acres of prime agricultural land have been destroyed; a community church has been destroyed; hundreds of families have been uprooted and communities have been destroyed; the economic life of hundreds of people at Argyle has been destroyed.

A mother of three children told the Leader of SVG Green Party, Mr Ivan O’Neal, in Central Leeward on Tuesday 27th of October 2015, that ‘an SVG Green Party Government must focus on creating useful and meaningful employment for the young people. Far too many young people are leaving school and college and cannot get employment’.

This is true!

Many thousands of people in SVG are unemployed and under-skilled. They do not wake up in the morning thinking about booking a flight for a holiday, they think about getting a job. The Argyle airport is of no use to these people. Our people need jobs, skills training and education.

In order to create the thousands of jobs our people need and provide the skills training and education our people want, a Green Government will cut ties with Taiwan, take back our fish licence from Taiwan and create a billion dollar tuna fishing and canning industry. This will create billions of dollars in revenue and thousands of new jobs.

We will also provide skills training and build a science and technology university, so that all children in SVG have the opportunity to get a high level of education. Education will be free from pre-school to university.

There are thousands of households in SVG that have no mains electricity and water and struggle to feed their children adequately. They do not wake up in the morning thinking about booking a flight for a holiday, they think about finding water and finding food to feed their children. The Argyle airport is of no use to these people.

A Green government will cut the price of electricity and water by 50%, and more importantly, create thousands of new and meaningful jobs in our country. Households need an income in order to adequately feed their children.

The objectives of a Green government are to create a strong economy by creating new, sustainable sources of revenue, and to create thousands of new jobs and provide high-quality education for every child in SVG. We will improve the quality of life and standard of living for the people of SVG.

Our country cannot afford to waste millions of dollars more on Argyle airport – it is simply a museum piece. We must change the direction of the economics of our country, to ensure long-term financial and economic stability and create positive development of our country.

On election day, vote Green. Put your X next to the telephone.

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