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Fri 13th Nov 2015

Change needed: Gonsalves and Eustace are incompetent

All around the world countries are changing their governments. Canada elected a new government a few weeks ago. Burma elected a new government a few days ago. People are voting for change in order to get a better life for themselves and their children.

SVG must change too.

We are at a crucial stage in the development of our country. The general election on 9th December 2015, presents our people with a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to finally move away from colonialism, poverty and despair and to choose a life of opportunity, jobs, prosperity and true equality. SVG needs to go Green.

Under the NDP and ULP regimes, we have had 31 years of hardship for our people, with many thousands of our people spending years without secure employment. The poverty and squalor that existed on the day of independence has been allowed to continue to the present day.

The core problems in SVG over the past 31 years are that both the NDP and ULP regimes have failed to create sustainable sources of revenue for our country; failed to stand up to the white, super-rich foreigners of Mustique and Canouan, and allowed them to perpetuate colonialism by not paying taxes; and failed to stand up to Taiwan and allowed them to rip-off our country and earn billions of dollars on SVG’s fish licence.

These weaknesses of the NDP and ULP regimes and their failure to act for the benefit of our people has devastated our economy and impoverished our people.

Both Gonsalves and Eustace are hopeless at finance and are unable to create a strong economy. SVG needs a strong economy in order to create revenue for the SVG Treasury and thousands of new jobs for our people. Only a Green government can do this, and we are asking the electorate to make SVG Green Party their choice on election day, in order to bring change and a brighter future for themselves and their family.

The European Union has blacklisted our country and this significantly reduces the amount of money invested in our country by foreign companies and foreign countries. This means that thousands of jobs are being stopped from being created and our people are being denied jobs.

The European Union has called on our country to ban the tax exemptions given to rich foreigners. Once this ban is in place, our country will be taken off the blacklist and it will be easier for foreign companies and foreign countries to invest in our country and create more jobs.

A Green government will comply with the European Union regulations and do what the NDP and ULP regimes are too afraid to do: we will end the tax exemptions given to the super-rich foreigners to get our country off the blacklist. The super-rich foreigners of Mustique and Canouan must pay tax like everyone else.

A Green government will also cut ties with Taiwan and set up our own SVG tuna fishing and canning industry. This will create billions of dollars in revenue for the SVG Treasury and create thousands of new jobs for our people.

A Green government will waste no more money on the Argyle Airport. Instead we will invest in our people’s future, invest in factories to create jobs and invest in agriculture to boost banana and all other production and help our farmers export.

In an age of vast technological advances, poverty has meant that many of our children are being left behind. A Green government will change this by building a science and technology university in St. Vincent for our children and making education free from preschool to university. We must modernise our education system, so that our children are empowered to compete for highly-paid jobs all over the world and overcome the challenges they face in the future.

Years of incoherent financial policies and inept official measures have turned SVG into an economic shambles. SVG needs the visionary and competent leadership of SVG Green Party Leader, Mr Ivan O’Neal.

A vote for Gonsalves or Eustace is a vote for stagnation. On election day, be courageous and vote to replace fear with hope, hardship with opportunity, and poverty with prosperity. Vote for positive change. Put your X next to the telephone.

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