St. Vincent & the Grenadines Green Party


Wed 23rd Dec 2015

Free & fair elections or poverty and squalor

History has shown that in countries where free and fair elections are the driving force of the country, the economy is strong and more sustainable. The converse is true: in countries where there is an absence of free and fair general elections, political instability, poverty and squalor become the fruits of the nation.

The time has come to put mechanisms in place to clean up the gross abuse of power in general elections in SVG, or SVG will fall in to deeper poverty and squalor, possibly to the extent that SVG will become a United Nations food-aid state. That is the reality we face.

According to the Leader of SVG Green Party, Mr Ivan O’Neal, the world has changed, we live in a new age of critical financial management and innovation. SVG is in utter shambles under Gonsalves’ poor leadership with high public debt and fiscal deficits from 2005 to 2015.

Agriculture is dead, there is a high rate of unemployment and crime and the education system is failing our children. After 36 years of independence, there is no science and technology university to motivate our young people and provide opportunities for highly paid jobs around the world.

It is believed that nine out of ten of the young inmates in the jail built under Gonsalves cannot read. We must fix the causes of crime with free and fair general elections. The condition in the hospital is so bad, the leadership of the ULP regime is afraid to be treated in the hospital, instead going abroad for medical treatment.

The living environment in SVG is terrible for many families. The ULP leadership is hopeless. They should take a trip to Germany and Singapore to see how people live and see how the environment is maintained to a very high standard. The pollution in Kingstown is killing our people.

The green environment in SVG is under serious threat from white foreigners who wants to live in our country under 1940 conditions - white enclaves - driven by a racial segregation mentality.

Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal served in the British Royal Air Force for over 31 years with honourable and distinguished military in Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore for over a decade. The Singapore population is a mixture of Chinese, Indians, Malays and mixed-race people. There is zero tolerance in Singapore for racial segregation. SVG Green party has zero tolerance for racial segregation.

Tourism is a recipe for environmental disaster in SVG. Singapore’s economic might is based upon the foundation of high-quality education for all.

White foreigners’ influence in SVG has become a major obstacle to free and fair general elections in our country. Their involvement is a deep cause for concern. White foreigners should take note that without free and fair general elections in SVG, the country is exposed to becoming politically unstable, with very serious implications.

SVG needs free and fair general elections for political stability and to reduce poverty and squalor.

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