Fri 2nd Sep 2016

Taiwan is a dirty parasite and owes SVG billions of dollars in fish tax

The dirty parasite Taiwan has taken advantage of our country and SVG’s fish licence to fish for tuna in the Atlantic Ocean. It is conservatively estimated that the dirty dog, Taiwan, has deprived the SVG economy of about EC$2 billion a year over the past twenty years. This equates to about EC$40 billion in fish tax owed to our people.

If a man steals 1,000 dollars from you and gives you back 1 dollar as charity, is that really charity?

This is essentially what Taiwan is doing to SVG. Taiwan withholds 40,000,000,000 dollars in fish tax and then gives SVG a few million as charity. This is not charity. This is abuse. Taiwan has an outdated colonial mentality – keep Vincentians uneducated and unskilled, so our country is dependent on their handouts.

Things must change and it is a great, positive step that the NDP has chosen to break ties with the dirty parasite Taiwan. If the SVG Treasury had received the 40,000,000,000 dollars in fish tax our country and people would be much better off with modern hospitals and free education from preschool to university for every child, regardless of the child’s financial background.

China and Japan would be good countries for SVG to partner with: they have a modern mentality of equality and mutual benefit. At present, China and Japan are investing heavily in countries in Africa. China and Japan are building factories and skills training centres in African countries.

Africans are doing the jobs that China and Japan are creating and increasing their skill levels. The impact of China and Japan investing in African countries has been hugely positive. Africans have increased their standard of living and are becoming middle class. They can afford to pay their water bill and light bill, send their children to school and much more.

In contrast, Taiwan is just a parasite. They have not done any technology transfer, skills training or built factories in SVG. They have been here for 35 years and poverty and unemployment has increased dramatically over that time. Yet, as the ULP regime leadership tells us, Taiwan and its people are rich and Taiwan has massive financial reserves.

Taiwan operates a fleet of tuna-fishing vessels on SVG’s deep sea fish licence and uses SVG’s flag on its ships to say they are SVG local fishing vessels. However, under the rules of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna, Taiwan’s fishing vessels must offload their Atlantic Ocean tuna fish catch in St. Vincent and pay fish tax.

SVG Green Party calls on Taiwan to pay the SVG Treasury EC$40 billion in fish tax immediately. Alternatively, the grossly incompetent SVG Minister of Finance, Gonsalves, should impose a windfall tax of EC$40 billion on Taiwan immediately. De Comrade told us Taiwan has massive financial reserves. They can afford a EC$40 billion windfall tax.

Taiwan is a dirty parasite, sucking the lifeblood out our country to make its own people richer. However, the wind of change is blowing in the right direction for our children and grandchildren. It is good that the NDP has cut ties with the dirty parasite Taiwan.

There is a massive need in SVG for factories, skills training and free education from preschool to university, to propel sustainable development in our blessed country. Our people deserve a higher standard of living and the sooner the dirty dog Taiwan is gone, the better.

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