Fri 21st Oct 2016

Caribbean Science University Inc.

Mr Ivan O’Neal has successfully cleared the first two major hurdles in the construction and incorporation of “Caribbean Science University Inc.”: firstly, the approval of the name “Caribbean Science University Inc.”; and secondly, the legal incorporation of the university, in compliance with the Companies Act, CAP.143.

Retired British Royal Air Force Warrant Officer, Ivan O’Neal BSc (Hons), MSc, MBA, a former military instructor and safety engineer, who served in the armed forces of His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei and served in Singapore, has first-hand knowledge of the fact that high-quality education can stimulate economic growth, having witnessed it in Singapore.

Mr Ivan O’Neal spent five years full-time at universities in England. He has a strong passion for education and to bring high-quality education to his country of birth, SVG, to stimulate economic growth and change the negative direction of our country. A university will create prosperity and help us develop a healthy living environment.

There are two more hurdles to overcome to bring to life this visionary project of a science university in SVG. We need the planning approval of the three storey building of the science university in Harmony Hall, St. Vincent and to also complete the construction of an environmentally sustainable university building.

A university in SVG for Vincentians will greatly benefit the children of SVG. It will help our children get a high-quality and high level of education. This will enable them to get highly-paid jobs anywhere in the world and escape poverty for life.

Research shows that university graduates earn much more than non-graduates. Jobseekers without a degree could earn up to EC$39,720 a year less than their graduate peers entering the job market, a UK report says – the equivalent of more than EC$1,655,000 over an average working life.

Jobs website Adzuna, which analysed 1,000,000 vacancies in June 2015, said there is a widening pay gap between graduates and non-graduates. University degrees matter: graduates enjoy more money and more career opportunities.

Mr Ivan O’Neal knows that, from his experience of over 31 years of worldwide military experience, the lack of jobs and revenue creation in SVG is driven by the subordinate mind-set and laziness of the ULP regime.

It is perpetuated also, by the poor quality of education offered by the ULP regime and the under-investment in education in SVG. For example, the roof of the library at the Adelphi Secondary School in South Windward has caved in and the lab is in similar condition. The ULP education revolution has failed.

The present and a former Prime Minister of SVG have said that we have to sell crown lands to create jobs. This is hogwash!

Jobs created by white migrants for non-graduate Vincentians are low-paid, sometimes paying as little as EC$6,000 a year. In contrast, if our children were university graduates, they could get good jobs in the UK. There, the top five graduate degrees by pay are:

Civil engineering - EC$148,456 a year
Engineering - EC$141,790 a year
Computer science - EC$138,854 a year
Mechanical engineering - EC$129,440 a year
Mathematics - EC$129,152 a year

We don’t need white migrants or to sell our crown lands to create jobs and wealth. Change will come, but only through free, high-quality education from pre-school to university. The Caribbean Science University Inc. will bring jobs and wealth for our children.

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