Fri 18th Nov 2016

Immigration – we must take back SVG from the white migrants

Immigration is a very serious problem worldwide. Indigenous people see their country being swamped by migrants and are seriously concerned that, over time, their country will be taken over by migrants.

We saw in the Brexit referendum vote in the United Kingdom on 23 June 2016, the UK people voted to leave the European Union, because they believe that their country is being swamped by migrants and that the migrants are taking over their country.

In the recent presidential election in the USA on 8 November 2016, Donald Trump did not beat around the bush. His message was very clear: the USA is being overtaken with migrants and Americans must act to take back their country. The long term consequence of mass immigration to the USA is a serious concern to millions of Americans and they voted in favour of taking back America. They elected Donald Trump.

Here in SVG, thousands of our Garifuna brothers and sisters were killed trying to save and protect the sovereignty of SVG. Unfortunately though, our country is being swamped by white migrants and they are taking over our country.

Mustique has been lost to white migrants and the original ‘sale’ of Mustique in 1958/59 is highly questionable. Petit St. Vincent has been taken over by white migrants and that island’s original sale is equally dubious.

Time and again, we see Gonsalves selling-off large parts of our country to white migrants. In October 2016, Gonsalves confirmed the sale of 35 acres of crown lands in Mount Wynne to white migrants and on 10th November 2016, Gonsalves confirmed the sale of a large block of crown lands in Bequia.

Our country is being taken over by white migrants. Leader of SVG Green Party, Mr Ivan O’Neal BSc hons, MSc, MBA, is a patriotic Vincentian who strongly believes that we must take back our country from these white migrants, to preserve it for our children and grandchildren.

The economic argument for the retention of migrants in the USA, was that migrants worked for a much lower wage than citizens of the USA. That foolish argument did not hold water with the American people and they voted for Donald Trump as he said he would deport migrants.

The economic argument for accepting the flood of migrants into the UK was trade. It was said the UK was stronger economically as a member of European Union. That argument did not hold water in the UK and they voted for Brexit to stop the flood of migrants to the UK.

The economic argument for allowing our country to be taken over by white migrants is that they create jobs, according to the rubbish uttered by Gonsalves and James Mitchell. They say we must sell our crown lands to create jobs.

Their argument is nonsense. Far from being good for our country, these white migrants are a plague on our country, as they do not pay tax and our Treasury is starved of revenue.

We are being pushed out of our country by the flood of white migrants in to SVG. The consequence of this is that, in desperation, our people are turning on each other as the ULP regime has fails to provide for their needs. Just recently, on 14 November 2016, four persons were brutally killed in St Vincent.

We should follow the example of the USA and the UK and take action to stop the flood of white migrants buying up our land and taking over our country. We must take back SVG and deport the white migrants, or else our children and grandchildren will have nowhere to live.

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