Fri 13th Jan 2017

Parasite - An organism that lives off or in another organism, obtaining nourishment and protection, at the other’s expense

According to the News newspaper of 6 January 2017, Taiwan handed over a cheque for US$ 200,000 (EC$537,640) to Gonsalves on 28 December 2016, to assist with the rehabilitation projects concerning the Majorca feed road, Marriaqua, the Java road and the river defence in South Rivers.

Taiwan is a parasite and its drip feed of money is a big insult to our people. Taiwan creams-off about EC$2 billion annually from SVG’s High Seas Fish Licence and the use of SVG’s national flag on its fishing vessels in international waters. This is about 10,000 times more than what was given in the cheque.

Taiwan is feeding off our country and holding back our economy, as Taiwan does not pay any tax. We do not need Taiwan’s charity handouts, because we could make much more money ourselves by taking back our fish licence from Taiwan and setting up our own billion dollar tuna fishing and canning industry. We need to cut ties with this parasite.

The writing is on the wall for Taiwan as two political parties in SVG have said that under a new government, we would say goodbye to Taiwan and welcome China. This would be better for us to stimulate economic growth, bring sustainable development and create a high quality of life for our people.

Taiwan came to SVG about 36 years ago to ‘help’ with agriculture. When Taiwan came to SVG, agriculture was booming. Now, the banana industry is dead and our agricultural sector has almost died too. Taiwan has been of little use for our agricultural industry.

Most countries do not recognise Taiwan as an independent country and more and more are breaking ties with the parasitic Taiwan. Gambia broke ties with Taiwan in 2013 and established formal ties with China. In December 2016, the African island nation of Sao Tome and Principe abruptly broke their ties with Taiwan. They’d had enough of Taiwan!

Only 21 countries have official ties with Taiwan. With many of these countries, Taiwan has a similar parasitic, multi-million dollar, tuna fishing rip-off scheme. Taiwan shamefully preys on poor fishing nations, like SVG, and exploits them. The European Union warned Taiwan that it would face economic sanctions if it did not tackle illegal fishing.

Taiwan is a major obstacle to the development of the SVG economy. Taiwan’s presence in SVG perpetuates poverty and high unemployment. We must end this abuse of the Vincentian people by Taiwan and cut ties with Taiwan and make ties with China.

We should then set up a joint-venture tuna fishing and canning industry with China, to bring in billions of dollars of revenue to the SVG Treasury, so that we can create thousands of new jobs, build our own SVG university, improve hospitals and other health facilities in SVG, provide free education from preschool to university and connect every house to mains water and electricity.

The parasite Taiwan is sucking the blood out of our country. They have ruined the future of a generation of Vincentian children.

Taiwan go home.

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