Fri 7th Apr 2017


No hope for SVG under Gonsalves with no cash flow

According to the Leader of SVG Green Party, Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal BSc (Hons) MSc, MBA, the ULP regime’s 17 years of being in office has been a failure, as there is serious lack of cash flow in our country. Gonsalves is financially incompetent.

The lack of cash flow is killing our economy and killing SVG businesses. Many businesses have virtually no sales and many other businesses have been forced to close down, pushing up unemployment and poverty. The lack of cash flow is a clear indication that the SVG Minister of Finance, Gonsalves, is a major liability to our country.

The financial situation in our country is utterly hopeless with virtually no cash flow.

Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal is calling for change. Our country urgently needs to replace the financial incompetence of the ULP regime with a group of financially competent Vincentians, to manage our public accounts and economy. The ULP regime has shown it is a waste of space and cannot move our country or economy out of fiscal deficits in to a cash flow surplus.

The ULP regime has wasted billions of dollars over their time in office on projects that do not create revenue or cash flow. The incompetent ULP regime has failed to invest taxpayers’ money with prudency.

Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal has a BSc (Hons) degree in Accounting, Finance and Economics from Oxford Brookes University, England, a Master of Science Degree in Macro- Economics, Budgeting, Planning and Policy from Bradford University, England, and a Masters in Business Administration from Leicester University, England.

According to Warrant Officer, Ivan O’Neal, the lack of cash flow is the core cause of the almost dead SVG economy. The SVG economy is in its worst financial condition in living memory. The lack of cash flow, is the lack of oxygen needed to drive the SVG economy. Our economy needs oxygen so that businesses can flourish and grow.

We urgently need a multi-variable economy that can successfully replace the stupidity of the focus on tourism. All over the Caribbean, countries focus on tourism and all countries are struggling.

Financial and economic profiling is needed in SVG, to create a thorough knowledge map of our country’s profitability sectors. It is vital to know, in detail, where the stimulus is needed to create the cash flow our country needs so badly. A cash flow creation and forecast spectrum is needed to guide and influence the manner in which government moves the economy forward.

Gonsalves is involved with Liat and his financial incompetence is reflected in the fact that Liat has cash flow problems too. Liat is in a financial mess and so is the SVG economy. They both lack cash flow. Is there no limit to the financial incompetence?

When the highly incompetent ULP regime produces fiscal deficits for 17 years, we know that it is financially incompetent and unable to manage the public accounts prudently. Gonsalves should do the honourable thing and urgently resign as SVG Minister of Finance. Our country needs cash flow.

When it comes to finance, Gonsalves is like a carpenter doing the work of a doctor: he is hacking away everywhere and there is a ‘bloody’ mess all around. The patient is dying. Someone call 911 – our economy has no pulse.

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