Fri 11th Aug 2017


Socialism flag of incompetence - like Venezuela - flies high in SVG

We have seen it all over the world: gross incompetence and mismanagement of state resources is the corner stone of socialist governments. Gross incompetence and mismanagement of state resources by the socialist government under Gonsalves has resulted in totally inadequate medical care in SVG.

The number of anaesthetists available was reduced from three to one recently and the critical shortage of anaesthetists at the hospital in Kingstown is believed to have had adverse consequences on patients having to wait far too long for surgery.

According to Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal BSc (hons) MSc, MBA, Leader of SVG Green Party, the highly incompetent ULP regime did not have a plan B for the shortage of anaesthetists at the hospital in Kingstown. The ULP regime is running SVG’s medical services in a state of chaos.

The SVG Minister of Health & Environment, Luke Brown, came on local television on 04/08/17 to address the nation on the shortage of anaesthetists at the Kingstown hospital. However, he did not apologise for the shortage of anaesthetists.

Our people need good health care, not insults from a government minister. Luke Brown’s outburst on local television that token charges are laughable is a gross insult to our people. SVG Green Party calls on His Excellency the Governor General to sack Luke Brown as the Minister of Health & Environment.

SVG is in an absolute mess under the ULP regime. The government lacks the skills to competently manage our nation’s resources. We are turning in to Venezuela?

The ULP regime owes a duty of care to all our people to provide a high standard of health care. However, the ULP regime is deliberately starving the Kingstown hospital of the money and resources it needs.

They don’t seem to care, as they know that when they or their family get ill, they can afford to fly abroad and pay for the medical care they want.

Apparently recently, a government minister’s daughter was flown to Trinidad for medical treatment, another government minister’s son was taken to Barbados for medical treatment and a third government minister’s wife and child were taken to Jamaica for medical treatment.

It is the poor in SVG who have to suffer the inadequate resources at hospitals in our country. SVG is being pushed to the ground by the incompetence of the ULP regime.

Judging from Luke Brown’s outburst about token charges at the hospital, it would appear that the problem at the hospital is lack of money. To overcome this problem, SVG must end the highly immoral tax exemptions of about EC$3.2 billion annually given to Taiwan and the super-rich white migrants of Mustique and Canouan.

A Green government would make sure that these taxes of EC$3.2 billion would be paid to the SVG Treasury. This would give our country significant latitude to build new modern hospitals and provide a proper medical service to all our people, free of charge.

SVG urgently needs a change of regime. We don’t want SVG to become another Venezuela.

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