Fri 25th Aug 2017

Governor General should prorogue (dissolve) parliament & call general elections

For the first time in living memory, we have sadly reached the point where we have a government that is virtually bankrupt of money and bankrupt of the ideas needed to move the country forward and make our economy and nation strong.

Chief Joseph Chatoyer sacrificed his life in order to give future generations of Vincentians a good life. He must be turning in his grave given the poor state of our country. Throughout the nation, we have high levels of poverty and unemployment, thousands of households without mains water and electricity and thousands of households living in destitution and struggling to feed themselves.

The economic disaster has spiralled out of control with people killing each other because of financial and economic frustration. The ULP regime has shown that it does not have the capacity to rectify the economic disaster which has engulfed SVG. We urgently need CARICOM and United Nations intervention for the sake of our people.

The ULP regime is bankrupt of money and bankrupt of ideas to give all our people a good life. This is very sad, especially because of the negative effects of the dead economy on our people.

The ULP regime has shown that they do not have the ability to govern the country properly to create a strong economy and thousands of new jobs. The ULP regime cannot provide good quality healthcare and cannot move the SVG economy forward. Our country is swamped with youth gun crime, dangerous living areas and illiteracy.

It is quite apparent the blind is leading the blind in SVG. A Vincentian business man based in New York, told the Leader of SVG Green Party, Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal, that the ULP regime’s self-proclaimed ‘education revolution’ is a flop.

Two young Vincentian men recently went to England to join the British Army, but both failed the Army’s written entrance examination, failing in maths and english.

For over 60 years, Vincentians have travelled to England to join the British forces and have passed the entrance examination. However, under the ULP regime, the number of Vincentians failing the exam is higher. It is a clear sign that the ULP regime’s education revolution is a failure, when young men cannot pass the British army written examination.

In countries with a strong economy, 50 to 80 per cent of children who enter the education system go on to university. In SVG, only about 1 per cent of children who enter the education system go on to university. This is another illustration of the ULP regime education revolution being a flop.

All the ULP regime seems to want to do is ruin the economy, make our people destitute, poor and desperate, and then control them with handouts.

SVG is hanging on a by a thread under the grossly incompetent ULP regime. It seems as if at any moment, our country could plummet in to an abyss of a ‘Venezuela-type’ level of economic and social disorder. SVG needs competent leadership.

Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal is calling on His Excellency the Governor General of SVG to prorogue (dissolve) Parliament, so general elections can be called. One has to question the legitimacy of the ULP government, when they are grossly incompetent, bankrupt of ideas and money to create a strong country and lack the leadership and capacity to manage the country in a skilled and proficient way.

SVG is virtually destitute.

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