Fri 15th Sep 2017


SVG could be a wealthy country, but not under the ULP regime

SVG could be a wealthy country with a high standard of living close to that of Singapore and Sweden, if we had a competent government. Unfortunately, since 2001, SVG has gone to the dogs under the incompetence of the ULP regime.

The ULP regime is unable to competently manage the public accounts and lacks the economic vision needed to make SVG a prosperous country. Since 2001, they have been mashing up SVG.

During 16 years in office, the grossly incompetent ULP regime has spent $12.163 billion, but the income has only been $8.568 billion. This has placed SVG in a national disaster with a $3.659 billion fiscal deficit accumulation. Amazingly, $869 million has been thrown away just on loan interest payments.


The table shows that the ULP regime has been a financial catastrophe for SVG. They have virtually killed the economy. Many businesses have been forced to close down and the ones that survive have their lowest sales for about 40 years.

Life is tough in SVG. The weak economy has substantially increased poverty, unemployment and crime. Rather than having a high standard of living close to that of Singapore or Sweden, SVG is full of squalor and like Haiti and Bangladesh.

The capital Kingstown is a disgrace: it smells of urine; some places are clogged with garbage; there are many homeless people suffering; and the air is very polluted.

The psychology of an ambulance every Friday between 8am and 9am wandering through Kingstown making the usual noise, is meant to give the people an impression that there is an organised team in charge of SVG. However, there is not.

A ULP regime minister stood up at a regional meeting recently and told the persons present, his government is in the lead in the Caribbean for funding hunger programmes in schools.

What the minister was actually illustrating, was that his government is so grossly incompetent at managing the public accounts and the economy that there is so much poverty and hunger in SVG, to the extent that we need a hunger programme in schools.

Educational achievement in SVG is very low. Only about 1% of each school year get a university degree. This seriously limits the ability of our people to get highly-paid jobs, and thus, obtain a high standard of living.

There is a high level of violent crime in SVG and many people do not feel safe in their neighbourhood. Many people feel that their living environment is not peaceful.

Capital expenditure every year on education is way too low. Education should be totally free from pre-school to university for every child in SVG, regardless of the child’s parents’ economic background. This means free books and free uniforms.

SVG should be a wealthy country with a high standard of living close to that of Singapore and Sweden. We have the resources to achieve prosperity for all. Unfortunately, we have an incompetent government and the country is an economic and financial mess.

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