Fri 5th Jan 2018


SVG: 4th highest murder rate per capita in the world

Last year, 2017, was another bad year for Vincentians under the incompetent ULP regime, with murders reaching a record high of 42.

SVG now has the fourth highest murder rate per capita in the world. There is too much blood running in SVG.

Jamaica has been renown for decades for having a high murder rate, but SVG has an even higher murder rate per capita than Jamaica. SVG is the most murderous country in the Caribbean and this shows that the ULP regime is the worst government in the Caribbean.


The long-term inability of the ULP regime to competently manage SVG’s public finances to create a strong economy and mass employment, has dragged our country down to this devastating situation.

The murder rate in SVG has risen sharply under the ULP regime and the violent crime epidemic appears to be escalating into a full-blown humanitarian crisis. The virtual collapse of our economy and the widespread poverty and unemployment in SVG, are significant factors causing the high murder rate.

Nearly half of the people in SVG live in poverty and more than one quarter of them are extremely poor. Poverty is closely linked to lack of income and unemployment and the gap between the rich and the poor is huge.

There is little money circulating our country and many businesses are experiencing their worst sales levels in 40 years. This has caused many businesses to close down and may others to lay-off staff. There is little opportunity for work in the private sector and many young people have had no job since leaving school.

ULP regime incompetency has led to SVG having a porous border and people desiring a firearm seem to have little trouble getting one. Violent crime and gun crime have increased significantly, contributing to SVG having the fourth highest murder rate per capita in the world.



According to SVG Green Party Leader Ivan O’Neal BSc (Hons.), MSc, MBA, the long-term lack of investment in education has also contributed to the high murder rate. The ULP regime has systematically cut the amount of money spent on education and the ULP regime’s failure to educate our people, has resulted in fewer people being able to get highly-paid jobs or start their own business to support themselves financially.

According to the World Bank, high murder rates undermine economic growth and social development, and leave countries caught in a vicious circle: high murder rates cause lower economic growth, which causes insufficient economic and employment opportunity, which causes poverty, insecurity and underdevelopment, which causes high murder rates, which causes…etc.

According to Ivan O’Neal, who has a BSc degree in Finance, Accounts and Economics from Oxford Brookes University, England, the root cause of the poor economy, high murder rates, wide income disparities, high levels of poverty, insecurity and underdevelopment and low levels of university education is the lack of REVENUE coming in to the SVG Treasury.

The number of killings in SVG in 2018 will be much worse than 2017, unless – as the IMF report recommended – we broaden the tax base and tax the dirty, parasitic, super-rich migrants of Mustique and Canouan and tax the dirty dog Taiwan.

Under the financially incompetent ULP regime, SVG has now risen to the 4th highest murder rate per capita in the world and the 3rd highest rape rate per capita in the world. These statistics are not the accolades of a government that knows how to create a financially strong country.

SVG needs change. We need a new government with good financial governance and the ability to create a strong economy. Crime will always destroy a country, whereas high-quality education will always build a country.

We cannot continue with the financially irresponsible and reckless ULP regime, as the cost to our people is too high. Having the fourth highest murder rate per capita in the world is a clear sign that we must alter the deadly path that the ULP regime has set our country upon.

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