Fri 16th Mar 2018

Young people need skills training and business education

Far too often we hear parents say ‘my son or daughter has 9, 10 or 11 subjects, but still cannot get a job’. Many parents have complained saying the education system is inadequate. Why the ULP regime has operated an education system that is abysmal since 2001 is mindboggling to say the least.

Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal is making a very strong call on decision makers to provide young people with the skills and training needed to enable them to be self-reliant. Even after school, what future is there for our children? What is there for our children to aspire to, to encourage them to do well at school?

One of the main barriers in our country to creating a strong economy, thousands of new jobs and bringing job security is that SVG does not have the appropriate skilled workers with a comparative advantage in any economic sector to attract foreign investment.

SVG must focus on educating our children and give them free internet. The education will help them get the skills they need to run their own business and free internet will expose them to ideas and innovations happening all over the world. The more examples of innovation our children see, the easier it will become for them to innovate.

We need our own university to skill our people. That, in turn, will attract foreign investors to pump money in to our country and that in turn will create thousands of new jobs and bring long-term security to the jobs that already exist in SVG.

The United Nations has said supporting young entrepreneurs is essential to tackling the world's most pressing challenges. The UN says that young people 'are often best placed to take the first crucial steps towards breaking the cycle of poverty in their surroundings'.

A Green Government would focus on helping young people develop small businesses and help them see that, in this time of massive youth unemployment, taking matters in to their own hands and creating their own business, may be their best route to prosperity.

A Green Government will identify the challenges faced by young business start-ups and provide an environment for small business growth, by cutting operating costs and overheads - including cutting the price of electricity for business start-ups.

A Green government is needed to create a strong economy. A Green government would focus on providing our people with skills and will do this by building our own science and technology university. We must invest in the education of our people to give them skills in order to attract foreign investors to SVG and to give our people job security.

Youth unemployment is extremely high in SVG and is an urgent issue affecting our society and economy. Young people need access to financial services, financial literacy and entrepreneurship and employment skills training.

The education system is failing our young people. It has been made easier and now our children lack the skills to get jobs and compete for jobs abroad. When young people are empowered with skills they need for working life, they thrive. They can support themselves, their families and communities.

The ULP regime has shown between 2001 and 2018, that it is useless in moving education in SVG toward an acceptable standard.

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