Fri 6th Apr 2018

ULP regime like a fish out of water

Many people have said to the Leader of SVG Green Party, Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal BSc (hons), MSc, MBA, that SVG is at its lowest point in living memory and the ULP regime has run out of ideas. They say that the country is not moving forward, but getting worse.

The ULP regime is like a fish out of water, gasping for oxygen and flailing around uselessly, in their effort to prevent a sudden collapse of the SVG economy. That is the impression a number of Vincentians have of the state of things in SVG. They say that the ULP regime has run out of ideas and the country needs a change of government.

Agriculture has been virtually killed by the ULP regime. Many lands that used to be abundant with produce have now been taken over by grass. The agricultural sector contributes very little to the SVG economy or job creation in SVG. The rural economy is dead and having a substantial negative impact on families in rural areas.

People say they were told by the ULP regime that the Argyle airport would boost the economy, but the airport has made no positive difference to the economy. In fact, rather than boost the economy, the Argyle airport is draining the economy. People say that life is still tough.

The manufacturing sector has failed to grow under the ULP government. Businesses have not been supported and many businesses struggle or have closed down.

The service sector has failed to grow under the ULP government. With the rise of the internet and faster data transmission speeds, the past decade was a great time to boost the service sector in SVG, but nothing is happening. Again, the ULP regime has failed to support SVG businesses to enter the global service sector.

A Vincentian business man based in New York, told the Leader of SVG Green Party, Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal, that the ULP regime’s self-proclaimed ‘education revolution’ is a flop. In SVG, only about 1% of children who enter the education system go on to university. This failure in education has meant there has been little foreign investment in to SVG.

Throughout the country, we have high levels of poverty and unemployment, thousands of households without mains water and electricity, and thousands of households living in destitution and struggling to feed themselves.

Since 2001, the ULP regime has shown that it is utterly hopeless and unable to move the SVG economy out of the gutter and in to prosperity. They are bankrupt of the ideas and knowledge needed to create economic growth. Not one individual in the ULP regime is qualified to, or capable of, putting together an economic plan to lift our country out of extreme poverty and debt.

In comparison to other past governments, the ULP regime is the 'worst by far'. Their begging and borrowing is not moving SVG forward and SVG is sliding quickly over an economic precipice. The leadership of SVG Green Party has demonstrated beyond any doubt, that they have the ideas and the ability to move this country forward.

SVG needs change.

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