Fri 13th Apr 2018


Poor-quality education, low-skilled and cheap labour bad for economic development

The focus by the ULP regime on poor-quality education and low-skilled and cheap labour for economic development in SVG is very bad and highly counterproductive.

Since 2001, the ULP regime has used this strategy for economic development. One only needs to look around the country to see that this has caused extensive poverty, crime, hunger, destitution and a massive amount of squalor.

The problem is that the wages low-skilled and cheap labourers receive are not enough to support their families and this leads to increased poverty, crime, hunger and destitution. It also leads to poorer education as parents cannot afford the costs associated with sending a child to school.

In the long run, this strategy of the ULP regime will make SVG poorer and weaker than Bangladesh and Haiti. SVG already has the fourth highest murder rate per capita in the world and is heavily in debt; we do not want things to get worse.

This ‘poor-quality education and low-skilled and cheap labour’ focus is also wrongly based on the assumption that white, migrant foreigners should be the employers and the local indigenous black population should be the employees.

This is bad, as it means the white, migrant foreigners get richer and the local indigenous black population are kept poor and in servitude. It perpetuates generational poverty in SVG.

In SVG, we need to get away from the ULP regime’s strategy of poor-quality education and low-skilled and cheap labour, which is making our country poorer and focus on a model of economic development that is based on free, high-quality education, high-paid jobs and high foreign investment, as seen in Singapore, Germany, Malaysia and other countries with a high standard of living.

This change would make our country and people richer. It would end generational poverty and stop the wealth of SVG going to white, migrant foreigners. We are losing our country to white, migrant foreigners. There is no need for them to be the employers all the time and for the local black population to be serving them to the end of time.

Our own people can be employers and our own people can run businesses. A good education would help this to be possible.

Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal lived in Singapore from 1963 to 1965 and saw first-hand the power of free, high-quality education. Singapore uses a high-quality education and highly-skilled worker model and has become a World Bank success story.

Singapore has the highest average wages in the world and one of the highest standards of living in the world. We can build a very strong and sustainable economy by adopting Singapore’s economic strategy.

According to the Leader of SVG Green Party, Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal, who has an MSc degree in Macro-Economic Policy and Planning in Developing Countries from Bradford University, England, SVG should build its own Science and Technology University and adopt the Singapore path to economic development.

The ULP regime’s strategy of ‘poor-quality education and low-skilled and cheap labour’ is bad. SVG needs change.

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