Fri 4th May 2018

SVG must follow T&T and deport undesirable white migrants in Mustique and Canouan

In the Jamaica Observer, it was reported that the Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) Ministry of National Security said that the Venezuelans who were being sent home comprise of “nationals who would have served time in the prisons and were awaiting deportation on the completion of their sentences.”

Five years ago, it was reported in the T&T Guardian, that immigrants that were living and working in T&T and not paying taxes, would be sent back to their home countries. T&T takes firm and decisive action against undesirables in their country.

SVG should follow T&T’s example and deport undesirables in SVG.

SVG has undesirable super-rich, white migrants living and working in Mustique and Canouan and not paying taxes. They should be sent back to their home countries. These undesirables pay no tax and customs duty.

SVG should deport the undesirable Taiwan ambassador too.

Taiwan uses SVG’s tuna fishing licence to fish for tuna in the Atlantic. The Taiwanese ships fly the SVG flag and should land their fish catch in SVG. However, the Taiwanese do not do this.
Taiwan makes billions of dollars from SVG’s tuna fishing licence and pays no tax to the SVG Treasury.

We are losing our country to undesirable migrants who are abusing our country. These undesirables should be deported.

Our national anthem says:

St. Vincent, Land so beautiful,
With joyful hearts we pledge to thee;
Our Loyalty and Love and vow,
To keep you ever free.

Chief Joseph Chatoyer sacrificed his life protecting SVG from undesirable invaders and colonisers. We should not allow a second phase of colonialism to engulf our country and lose our country to these undesirable migrants.

As these undesirable white migrant do not pay tax, it is the black indigenous population who subside their rich lifestyle. They drive on our roads, use many facilities throughout SVG, dump their rubbish in St. Vincent mainland and enjoy the law enforcement provided by the Royal SVG police.

This is all funded by Vincentians who pay tax. We are subsidising the undesirable white migrants’ lifestyle. Our taxes.

This is not acceptable and these undesirable super-rich, white migrants living and working in Mustique and Canouan and not paying taxes should be deported. We should be firm and decisive like T&T.

Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal BSc (hons), MSc, MBA, Leader of SVG Green Party, says we should deport the undesirable white migrants. Native Vincentians have to pay tax and customs duty in all shape and form, yet, the undesirable white migrants do not.

The blanket tax and customs duty exemptions of Taiwan and the super-rich white migrant undesirables are estimated to billions of dollars annually. This perpetuates poverty, hunger, unemployment, crime and criminality in SVG. We must deport them.

A Green government would deport the undesirable white migrants and set up an SVG tuna fishing and canning industry which will provide jobs for thousands of Vincentians. The billions of dollars that we will make from the tuna industry will be used to build our own SVG University, improve hospitals and other health facilities in SVG, provide free education from preschool to university, and connect every house to mains water and electricity.

In order to create a strong economy and ensure prosperity and jobs for our people, the undesirable white migrants must go. We should follow T&T’s decisive actions.

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