Fri 22nd Jun 2018


Vincentian father says no future for young people in SVG

A Vincentian father has complained to the Leader of SVG Green Party, Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal BSc (hons), MSc, MBA, that there is no future for young people in SVG. He is deeply concerned that even though two of his children have completed ‘A’ level college, they still cannot get a job.

Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal strongly believes that the ULP regime is highly incompetent and do not have the ability to create sustainable economic development in SVG or employment for all young people in SVG.

The unemployment rate for young people is extremely high in SVG. There really is nothing for most young people after they leave school. In SVG, the young generation are bereft of a future; young adults with no opportunity. Young people live in a cloud of a fear and uncertainty that comes from facing a life of poverty and joblessness.

The economy of SVG needs to be modernised so that it creates thousands of new jobs and sustainable revenue. Substantial structural changes are required in the control and allocation of our scarce resources. Heavy investment in the productive sector is essential for high rates of financial returns, such as our own billion-dollar fish processing industry. We need to build factories for agro-processing.

Our country will not be able to provide employment for all young people, unless there is a substantial reduction in imports of goods that can be produced in SVG. We are buying far too many imported goods and this only creates jobs abroad. Therefore, a new economic strategy of import substitution should be put into operation immediately.

The overriding priority for SVG must be huge investments in education to create a modern and world-class education system. Our children deserve free, high-quality education from pre-school to university.

In SVG, only around 1% of young people in any school year go on to get a degree. Our young people are being denied the opportunity to get the best jobs around the world.

We need to invest in our young people and ensure a brighter future for them. SVG needs a government that is prepared to create an environment for young people to thrive. A good education is the key to success, however, the education system in SVG does not match the skills needed in the modern, global job market. On top of that, there are scarce work opportunities in SVG.

SVG must focus on educating our children and give them free internet. The education will help them get the skills they need to run their own business and free internet will expose them to ideas and innovations happening all over the world. The more examples of innovation our children see, the easier it will become for them to innovate.

Our young people need help to be successful innovators and help in small business development. Skills training is essential.

A Green Government will focus on a knowledge-based economy with multiple sectors of production in order to help the young generation in employment creation. We need to add value to our products and look to export much more. Most importantly, SVG needs a new government that has the ability to manage the financial affairs of SVG.

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