Fri 26th Jul 2019

Many Congratulations to Prime Minister Boris Johnson

We need leaders who can lead from the front and can deliver. Many Congratulations to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he is Patriotic, Pragmatic and Purposeful. He will deliver.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has identified education in Schools as one of the main focus of his administration and will provide a very big budget for education in schools. The United Kingdom has very high quality education and a new Prime Minister has identified Education in Schools as a high priority. Prime Minster Boris Johnson will deliver.

Singapore built Universities in the first five years of independence from England. Singapore’s focus is on very high quality education as the engine for long term development, with an economy driven knowledge. Today, Singapore is a World Bank success storey with one of the Highest Standards of living in the World. Unemployment in Singapore is less than 2%.

In contrast, the Highly Incompetent ULP Regime built a new Jail in North Leeward in St Vincent and not a new University. Under the blindness of the ULP Regime, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has one of the weakest economies in the World with very high unemployment. Young people leaving school and colleges can not get a job.

Destitution, Poverty and digging a hole to fill a hole by borrowing large sums of money to pay Public Debt is the strength of the incompetent ULP Regime.

Retired British Royal Air Force Engineer Warrant Officer Ivan Bertie O’Neal BSc (hons), MSc, MBA very strongly contends that the common denominator for major success by any country is very high quality leadership.

After 18 years in power in Saint and the Grenadines, the highly incompetent and useless ULP Regime could not build a Fiscal Surplus for one year of 18 years. That is incompetence which is very broad and deep and full of short sightedness. Our dear country urgently needs a change to competence in the management of Public Accounts. It is time to formulate policies that will achieve an economy that is free from begging the International Community for Public Debt Forgiveness.

The SVG Green Party is totally opposed to the ULP Regime’s special Tax and customs duty exemptions given to the Superrich White Migrants of Mustique and to Canouan, valued at hundreds of millions of Dollars annually and Fish Tax avoidance to Taiwan conservatively estimated at EC$54 billion for the period of 2002 to 2018. SVG Green Party demands a fair tax system in Saint and the Grenadines.

Finally, underachieving in our schools and colleges is totally unacceptable to our country. An SVG Green Party government will invest EC$500 million dollars annually in our education system and give high priority to the construction of our own Science and Technology University.

We very strongly believe that high quality education in schools is a very good long term strategy to move our country into prosperity. when parents of today are educated they will have the education to educate their children, thus achieving the multiplier effect in education that will benefit our country in the long term.

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