Fri 20th Sep 2019


Hurray! Hurray! Another country cuts ties with Taiwan

Hurray! Hurray! Another country cuts ties with Taiwan

Let us rejoice in SVG. The enemy of our people – Taiwan - has suffered another humiliating international defeat. Jump up! Jump up!

On Monday 16th September 2019, The Solomon Islands voted to sever its ties with Taiwan and establish diplomatic relations with China, leaving the dirty dog Taiwan with only 16 countries that can abide it.

After 36 years of formal relations with Taiwan, the Solomon Islands government cabinet voted to drop diplomatic ties with Taipei for Beijing with immediate effect. This will be a big boost for the Solomon Islands. Media reports said that 27 members of the cabinet voted in favour of the diplomatic switch to Beijing, with none opposed.

The Solomon Islands is the seventh nation – and the first in the Pacific – to establish ties with Beijing since Taiwan’s independence-leaning President Tsai Ing-wen was elected in January 2016. Reuters reported earlier this month that China was offering to bankroll a development fund for the Solomons if it switched diplomatic ties to Beijing.

An increasing number of Solomon islanders had voiced their preference for China, because of Beijing's overwhelming economic superiority. It would be better for SVG economically to cut ties with the dirty dog Taiwan too, as we could start bi-lateral trade with China. This would help SVG businesses and create thousands of new jobs in SVG.

Taiwan has never bothered to set up bi-lateral trade with SVG. Taiwan is a parasite in SVG. Taiwan's 38 year presence in SVG has been a great hindrance to the development of SVG.

Taiwan uses SVG's fish licence to fish for tuna in the Atlantic. They are creaming off billions of dollars and the people of SVG are getting nothing in return. Taiwan is not a friend of the people of SVG, just a friend of the ULP regime who allow Taiwan to abuse Vincentians.

The Leader of SVG Green Party, Warrant Officer Ivan Bertie O’Neal BSc (hons) MSc, MBA, very strongly contends that Taiwan is a big minus to the economic development of SVG and that we should urgently cut ties with the dirty dog Taiwan.

In order not to pay tax to the SVG Treasury, Taiwan has registered fishing vessels with offshore companies. This is a great loss to the SVG economy, but the ULP regime turns a blind eye. Meanwhile, the people of SVG have high bills and must pay taxes including VAT.

Taiwan is a rich country and its people are much better off than the people of SVG. The GDP per capita in Taiwan is over $96,000, many times more than SVG. Unemployment is low in Taiwan at around 3.72% and only 1.78% of the population is below the poverty line. Taiwan has over 100 universities, yet SVG does not have one.

Taiwan has reserves of foreign exchange and gold of about $1049 billion; SVG has no reserves. Taiwan imports around $681 billion in goods, but does not import anything from SVG.

Taiwan is truly an enemy to the development of SVG.

Taiwan has done nothing to help sustainable development in SVG and boost our economy. They have not built any factories or built a university. They are happy to see the people of SVG suffer and go further into poverty, whilst Taiwan gets richer.

It is great news for the people of SVG, that the Solomon Islands has got rid of the dirty dog Taiwan. Hopefully, Taiwan will be leaving SVG soon too.

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