Fri 4th Oct 2019

ULP regime betray Chief Chatoyer and Garifuna by selling crown lands

Chief Joseph Chatoyer and thousands of Garifuna brothers and sisters sacrificed their life protecting and preserving our sacred land of St. Vincent and the Grenadines from foreigners. They are being betrayed now by the ULP regime as the ULP regime sells off our lands to foreigners.

The sale of crown lands in SVG to foreigners is terrible and not done in good faith, in that, the ULP regime is giving away billions of dollars of tax revenue to the super-rich, white Migrants in Mustique and Canouan and to Taiwan too. This is running the SVG Treasury dry and the ULP regime is using this outrageous and foolish strategy as an excuse to sell Crown Lands.

SVG is not the private estate of Ralph Gonsalves and Ralph Gonsalves is not above the law of SVG 1979 Constitution and the SVG Audit Act 2005.

The table is of very serious concern. It shows how deep the wrong doing is in running the SVG Treasury dry as a strategy to sell Crown Lands.

Total Budget Expenditure 2002 to 2019          EC$13.795 Billion
Less Total Revenue in 2002 to 2019                EC$8.521 Billion
Fiscal Deficit 2002 to 2019                             EC$5.272 Billion

The analysis shows SVG is driven by a policy of apartheid, with corruption and inequalities becoming commonplace in SVG.

We must do like Cuba and ban the sale of our lands to foreigners. Paramount Chief Joseph Chatoyer's fight and death must not be for nothing. We must show respect and honour for his sacrifice on our behalf.

We are losing our country to foreigners at a very fast rate. If we do not stop the sale of our lands to foreigners now, there will be no country left for our children and grandchildren. We must protect and preserve our country for future generation of Vincentians.

SVG has become like Australia. Our people are suffering the loss of our heritage lands, apartheid and unconstitutional taxation laws. Like the Aborigines, the indigenous people in SVG are being trampled on and rich foreigners are taking over our country. We must not allow Australia's history to be replicated in our beloved country of SVG.

The socially conscious SVG Green Party is calling for an immediate ban on the sale of crown lands to non-Vincentians and a land distribution reform system be put in place to avoid our people being driven further into despair.

Future generations of Vincentians will be born as foreigners in their own country. Public land once sold is land lost to us forever. No government 'owns' public lands - they hold it in trust for the people. When Governments sell-off crown lands, they are also selling our children's future.

An SVG Green Party government will end the sale of crown lands. Too much of SVG's land has been sold to foreigners. This is counterproductive and not a policy on which to sustain SVG's economy. The lands of SVG should be for Vincentians only. When our children grow up they will want to be able to build their own house on their own land. This will only be possible after a change to a Green government.

We don't want to become second class citizens in our own country.

The ungrateful ULP regime should respect the sacrifice by Chief Chatoyer and our Garifuna brothers and sisters who gave their life defending SVG from being taken over by colonialism. Selling our country to foreigners is a kick in the face by the ULP regime.

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