Fri 8th Nov 2019


“It’s the economy, stupid”

A prominent business person told the Leader of SVG Green Party, Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal BSc (hons), MSc, MBA, that the price of eggs in SVG has plummeted by about fifty to sixty per cent. In the business person’s opinion, this massive drop in the price of eggs illustrates that the SVG economy is virtually dead.

Eggs are a basic food item. The fact that many households cannot afford them and that the price of eggs has had to drop so low for farmers to get sales, shows that there is practically no money in many households. No money is circulating the country and it is clear that SVG is essentially in a prolonged recession.

Times are tough for many households; the worst in living memory.

The business person said that policy makers in the ULP regime need to come forward with solutions to generate revenue and get money circulating the country. Job creation is needed to give life to the SVG dead economy. They said that the ULP regime’s focus on tourism is a big mistake, because tourism could never be the engine of the SVG economy.

According to Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal BSc (hons), MSc, MBA, the ULP regime operate like headless chickens. They flap about creating a lot of noise, but they have no end result. It is as if they have no idea what the problem is. Well, in the words of former USA President Bill Clinton, “It’s the economy, stupid”.

The ULP regime has no idea how to create substantial, sustainable revenue and stop the recession in SVG. Their failure to strengthen the economy is killing small businesses and increasing unemployment and poverty. SVG is going backwards.

At the heart of any strong economy is small businesses. The fact that the ULP regime has set up the SVG economy to kill small businesses is very worrying. Great steps in innovation, investment, education and science and technology are needed to rebuild the SVG economy.

Our country is in crisis: SVG has a dangerously weak economy, the fourth highest rate of murder per capita in 2017, the third highest rate of rape per capita in the world, high unemployment, high crime, too many taxes, too many children leaving school uneducated, high public debt, thousands of households in poverty, thousands of households without mains water and electricity and nationwide dismay and despair.

Argentina has just had a change of government, because their economic crisis has left a third of Argentina's population in poverty. Argentina’s election was dominated by concerns over the economy. With about one in ten people out of work, Argentine voters wanted a new government that could lead the country out of the crisis.

SVG is mash up and we need change. We need a new government too, so our people can have a brighter future. It is only with a strong economy that we can create jobs for the jobless, bring prosperity to those in poverty, provide opportunity to those in despair, and bring happiness, true happiness, to those who have suffered years of dismay and hardship under the incompetent ULP regime.

Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal, who has an MSc in Macro-economics, Policy and Planning in Developing Countries from Bradford University, England, says that a Green government would create revenue and thousands of new jobs by focusing on three main variables: (1) revitalising agriculture by growing what we eat and eating what we grow and import substitution; (2) investment in our own school of navigation and a tuna fishing and canning industry to bring in billions of dollars; and (3) free, high-quality education from pre-school to our own science and technology university.

“It’s the economy, stupid”.

SVG Green Party


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