Fri 29th Nov 2019


For sale: the hopes and dreams of Vincentian children

We should denounce any plans to sell SVG crown lands. If we sell off all our lands to foreigners, then there is nothing left in SVG for future generations of Vincentian children. Any sign selling off crown lands to foreigners may as well say ‘For sale: the hopes and dreams of Vincentian children’, because without land, there will be nowhere for our children to live.

We must protect and preserve our country for future generations of Vincentians. Whilst alive, we are guardians of our country for those Vincentians yet to be born. If Vincentian children are born in to a country where there is no land for them, then we have failed them.

Crown lands and all other lands in SVG are sacrosacnt. They are too important and too valuable to be sold off to foreigners.

Vincentian children’s right to be born in to a country where there is space to build a home of their own is also sacrosanct. This right is too important and too valuable to be sold to the highest bidding foreigner. This right is too important and too valuable to be interfered with.

Just imagine our country with no land left for our children. This is a situation to which our country is rapidly heading toward, as more and more crown lands are being sold off to foreigners.

The selling off of crown lands illustrates that the ULP regime is financially incompent. After 18 years in office, they still do not have the ability to create sustainable sources of revenue for the SVG Treasury.

There is no financial justification for the sale of Crown Lands. Collecting tax from Taiwan and the super-rich of Mustique and Canouan would bring in more money than would be received from the sale of Crown Lands.

Selling off hundreds of acres of SVG Crown lands to foreigners is an act of financial madness and social recklessness. It is mashing up SVG and Vincentians are becoming second class citizens in our own country.

The ULP regime has done such a bad job of running the country that our economy is virtually dead and our country is heavily indebted. To bridge the gap, they are selling-off our nation’s lands to pay for their mistakes. When the lands have gone, will they sell our buildings and then the shirt on our backs? It is a downward spiral that must be halted now.

SVG Green Party believes that selling crown lands and other public assets makes SVG weaker and poorer as a nation. When will the selling frenzy end?

A Green government would follow in the footsteps of Cuba and Singapore and end the sale of crown lands and ban the sale of SVG lands to foreigners. SVG lands should only be able to be sold, transferred or gifted to people who are Vincentian by birth or by descent.

Selling off our country to foreigners is the same as selling off the hopes and dreams of future generations Vincentian children. We must keep SVG lands so our children have as many opportunities to prosper in the future as possible.

Stop selling crown lands.

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