Fri 6th Dec 2019

High road tax, low quality roads

Road tax is very high in SVG and we ask ourselves ‘what are we paying road tax for?’

Throughout SVG, the roads are bad. Many potholes are left for years to get bigger and deeper before they are fixed, if ever. The low quality of the roads is very damaging for people’s vehicles. People are incurring extra unnecessary expenses to fix their vehicles after they have been damaged by the road.

Some areas are so bad that when you drive along the road, the bottom of your car can scrape the road occasionally, as the potholes are so terrible. The road to Indian Bay is an example of this, but there are many that are far worse and they are mashing up people’s vehicles. Take a drive to Indian Bay and see how bad the road is. You get the impression that SVG is a failed state.

According to Retired British Royal Air Force Engineer Warrant Officer Ivan Bertie O’Neal BSc (hons), MSc, MBA, Leader of SVG Green Party, poor quality roads in any country is a sign of deep poverty and slum. Seems like the ULP regime is trying to turn SVG into Haiti in every way possible.

Where is the all the road tax money going anyway? It’s clearly not being spent on fixing roads.

Vincentians’ money is leaking out of our economy as it goes abroad to purchase new spare parts to fix vehicles. This is wasted money that should be going in to the SVG economy and supporting SVG businesses.

We are being more exposed to accidents on some roads, because sometimes you need to drive on the other side of the road to avoid a big pothole on your side of the road.

Many farmers have complained to Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal that the lack of good feeder roads means farmers often cannot get their produce to market. The feeder roads are so bad in some areas that many farmers have stopped growing produce, because they know they will not be able to get their produce from the field and down to market.

Farmers have said that the ULP regime has failed to maintain existing feeder roads, and these roads have fallen into such a state of disrepair that they are practically unusable. In other areas, the ULP regime has failed to build new feeder roads needed by farmers to get their produce to market.

SVG’s roads are symptomic of the neglect this country has suffered under the financially incompetent ULP regime. Unable to create sustainable sources of revenue, the ULP regime has let roads, schools and other essential infrastructure fall in to ruin and states of severe disrepair. This we can see throughout the country and it is disgraceful for the government to treat the people this way.

A Green government would properly maintain SVG’s road. The roads are important for trade and transporting people and goods around the country in a timely manner. Good roads are vital for our economy.

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