Fri 13th Dec 2019


Strip Nader Hariri of SVG Ambassadorship to UNESCO

After a number of requests from Vincentians in New York and Vincentians at home, SVG Green Party is making another call for a Vincentian to be appointed as the SVG Ambassador to UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

In June 2010, SVG Green Party called for Mr Wafic Said to be stripped of the SVG UNESCO ambassadorship and a Vincentan to be appointed the SVG UNESCO ambassador, as this is morally right and fair.


‘Who is Wafic Said?’ you may well ask. Well, firstly, he is not Vincentian and so should never have been an SVG ambassador of any kind. According to a BBC News article, Wafic Said was an arms dealer. SVG being represented by an arms dealer at the United Nations.

Wafic Said is a Syrian-Saudi Arabian and was appointed SVG's UNESCO Ambassador in 1996 under Mitchell’s time of office. Since 2001, the ULP regime has happily carried on having this former arms dealer as our UNESCO ambassador. The current crop of NDP politicians have also failed to call for Wafic Said to be stripped of SVG’s UNESCO ambassadorship.

The good news is that it appears that Wafic Said has been stripped of the SVG Ambassador post to UNESCO. The bad news is that the new SVG Ambassador to UNESCO appears to be another foreigner.

The Director-General of the UNESCO received on Thursday 13 June 2019, His Excellency Mr Nader Hariri, Ambassador, who presented her with the letters accrediting him as Permanent Delegate of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to UNESCO.

Nader Hariri was the former aide of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri. Nader Hariri is a foreigner and is from Lebanon. He is not a Vincentian.

SVG’s UNESCO ambassador should be a Vincentian. All SVG ambassadors should be Vincentians. It is appalling and unacceptable that some foreigner is an SVG ambassador.

In the Editorial of the Vincentian newspaper of 6th December 2019, it mentioned that Al Jazeera - the english language media outlet – alleged that politicians in the Caribbean were involved in a corrupt trade of diplomatic posts in exchange for money. The editorial goes on to say much of this money paid for diplomatic posts went in to the coffers of the political parties of the prime ministers to finance general election campaigns.

Did money change hands for the Lebanese Nader Hariri to take over the SVG ambassadorship to UNESCO? A whole load of more questions need to be asked around this appointment of a foreigner as the SVG ambassador to UNESCO.

The people of SVG have a right to know why foreigners are being appointed as SVG ambassadors. The ULP regime is discriminating against Vincentians. Does the ULP regime believe that not one Vincentian – at home or abroad – has the ability to do the job of SVG ambassador to UNESCO?

This appointment of a foreigner as the SVG ambassador to UNESCO is a big insult to all Vincentians.

A Green Party government would strip Nader Hariri of the SVG UNESCO ambassadorship and make a Vincentian the SVG ambassador to UNESCO.

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