Fri 23rd Oct 2020


NDP water park – another sign that the NDP cannot move SVG forward

In an article in ‘iwitness news’, the NDP announced that, if elected, they would build an entertainment and water park in SVG. This is yet again a sign that the NDP regime does not have a clue about how to move SVG forward and create a strong sustainable economy.

There are many big problems in SVG. Thousands of households do not have mains water and electricity, the economy is very weak, there is a high rate of unemployment and poverty, thousands of households find it hard to feed their families adequately and children often go to bed with an empty belly, many schools are in a bad state of disrepair and badly in need of renovation and the best the NDP regime can come up with is build an entertainment and water park for tourists.

This is such a crazy and disrespectful idea in many ways. Vincentains are suffering and the NDP regime want to build an entertainment and water park for tourists as a solution. Madness. There was talk of dolphins too. Well, we’d probably get more sense out of the dolphins than we seem to get out of the NDP regime.

SVG cannot be wasting taxpayers’ money catering for the pleasures of tourists with an entertainment and water park while Vincentians suffer. Taxpayers’ money should be spent on lifting Vincentians out of poverty, making sure that every child in SVG has enough food to eat, fixing schools so that our children can get an education in a safe and healthy environment and solving the other problems that we have in SVG.

Wasting millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money on an entertainment and water park for tourists, the failed Ottley Hall marina and a Citizenship by Investment program are all stupid ideas that will plunge SVG further into debt. The NDP regime is not fit to govern SVG. Focusing on pleasing tourists is not the solution.

Rather than wasting of taxpayers' money on useless projects, SVG needs a government focused on building a revenue base and mass employment. A coalition Green government would focus on utilising SVG's indigenous resources for agro-processing, exporting fresh drinking water, creating an Atlantic Ocean tuna fishing and processing industry, renewable energy production and educating our children with our own SVG university.

Businesses need a strong economy for them to flourish. In SVG, the economy is dangerously weak. No money is circulating and the high taxes, such as VAT, are punishing businesses. Small businesses are the beating heart of a healthy, strong, growing economy. We need money to be circulating in SVG.

SVG needs Green MPs in parliament for the country to move forward. SVG should be a wealthy country with a high standard of living close to that of Singapore and Sweden. We have the resources to achieve prosperity for all. Unfortunately, though, over the past few decades, we have seen a lot of incompetence by both the NDP and ULP regimes and this has made our country poor and the economy very weak.

Our country is an economic and financial mess. Poverty, unemployment and crime are very high in SVG. An entertainment and water park for tourists will not solve this.

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