Fri 6th Jul 2007

Red Rats close school - ULP regime incompetence continues

On Thursday 28th June 2007, parents of children attending CW PRESCOD School in Kingstown, were protesting outside Parliament about concerns of their children possibly being infected by diseased rats. It is said the classrooms have a smell of dead rats and rats' urine. Inside Parliament, the economically incompetent ULP regime was debating the senseless one dollar charge to enter the Grenadines Wharf.

A few weeks ago, a fire-engine's tyre burst while chasing an alleged stray dog. There were no spare tyres in SVG and the E.T. Joshua Airport had to be closed for 10 hours until one was borrowed from the competent government of St. Lucia.

On 27th March 2007, the socially-conscious and economically competent SVG Green Party shared in a press release serious concerns about the fact that schools were being under-funded. In the 2007 Budget Estimates, pre-schools were granted a mere $300,000 (see page 74). However, the office of Prime Minister of our poor nation was granted:

  • $415,000 travel allowances;
  • $550,000 hosting and entertainment allowances;
  • $15,600 Prime Ministers entertainment allowances;>/li>
  • $923,000 sundry expenses allowances;
  • $82,000 other allowances;
  • a grand total of $1.985 million dollars.

A common factor within the ULP regime is a lack of communication. The Public Health unit and the Ministry of Education do not seem to communicate with each other effectively. More seriously, there seems to be no money left in the Treasury for a five dollar bottle of rat poison. The bottom line is that the ULP regime is grossly incompetent and skimping on young peoples' education.

A press release on 29th June 2007 stated that the CW Prescod School will be closed until September 2007. The ULP regime has built up a catalogue of errors, such as:

building a coconut water plant in the Congo Valley without having the technical ability and technology to preserve the coconut water; wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars building a call centre before actually obtaining any call centre business contracts. This centre is now closed; building a dasheen plant in Lowmans over 3 years ago, to slice and pack dasheen for export. The ULP regime had a grand opening ceremony for the dasheen plant, but not even one bag of dasheen has been processed.

This continued run of incompetence highlights the fact that the ULP regime does not have the capacity to properly run the affairs of SVG. Every day there are incidents of mismanagement and it is the poor and the children of the poor who suffer the most. Taxpayers' money is being wasted and taxpayers are not being given a best-value service for the tax they have paid.

SVG Green Party has a very strong passion for free education for all SVG children from preschool to university. We are deeply concerned with the negative impact on SVG children's education caused by dilapidated schools. The ULP regime is complacent and incompetent on the management of the economy. We have written to the Hon. Leader of the Opposition requesting that a vote of no confidence motion against the ULP regime be tabled at the next sitting of Parliament.

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