Fri 20th Aug 2021


ULP regime put jail before education

For a long time, it seems that the ULP regime has had too much focus on locking our children up and not enough time on educating our children.

A flagship project of the ULP regime is the Belle Isle jail. The fact that the ULP regime built a jail before creating a world-class education system is appalling. Even today, we do not have a free, universal preschool system for all our children. It is the children of the poor who suffer the most, as many thousands of them miss out on the opportunity of attending preschool before going to primary school.

SVG Green Party is deeply saddened by the backward thinking policies of the ULP leadership. They built a thirty million dollar jail before building a world-class education system. We still do not have our own university.

Under Gonsalves' watch, black youths have been going to jail in larger numbers than any other period in our history. In 2009, more boys failed common entrance than in any other single year in our history. We see fifteen and sixteen year old male youths entering into criminal activity and going to jail.

The ULP has failed to deliver an effective approach to help our boys to stay out of trouble and jail. Too many black youths who do not get a good education end up in jail. This ULP regime incompetent governance cannot, and should not, be accepted by our society.

Clearly, the ULP regime's education revolution has failed when so many of our youths are herded into jail, rather than given the precious opportunity of a lifetime of wealth which comes with a university education. If there was compassion in the ULP government then all children in SVG could look forward to a happy future. Unfortunately though, many youths can only look forward to pacing up and down in a cell, as they are denied a proper education.

From childhood, why don't we give our children a proper preschool education, then a proper primary education, then a proper secondary education, then a free university education in SVG, then give them marketable skills so that they can compete in the global job market.

Don’t our children deserve better?

The effect of the ULP regime’s divisive educational strategy is horrendous. It has created an imbalance in our society, where those who are left behind – the children of the poor - will forever be struggling to catch up educationally and financially. They will be destined to a life of poverty and be unable to cope in a fast changing world. Crime is a definite off shoot of this sort of policy.

No doubt the ULP regime will build more jails before they provide our children with a world-class education system.

According to the Leader of SVG Green Party, Warrant Officer Ivan Bertie O’Neal BSc (hons), MSc, MBA, our youth are our future. We have a civic responsibility to allow them the opportunity of a world-class education from preschool to university. A Green government would create an environment in which the sky is our children's limit – not the Belle Isle jail!

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