St. Vincent & the Grenadines Green Party


Fri 15th Apr 2022

People saying ‘fix the roads!’


Many people are saying to the Leader of SVG Green Party, Warrant Officer Ivan Bertie O’Neal, BSc (Hons), MSc, MBA, that the roads are terrible and need fixing. Throughout SVG, the roads are in a bad state. Many roads have not been fixed for years and the potholes are getting bigger and deeper.

The poor quality of the roads is not just damaging people’s vehicles, but damaging our weak economy, too. The ULP regime may think they are being smart by not repairing the roads and not spending money on the roads, but it is a weak and short-sighted strategy to do this.

People are incurring extra, unnecessary expenses to fix their vehicles after they have been damaged by the poor quality roads. This money wasted on spare parts is going to spare parts manufacturers abroad. It is more money leaving the country, rather than circulating the country. This is money that should be going into the SVG economy and supporting SVG businesses.

Having roads in such a state of disrepair is putting Vincentians’ lives and health at risk. Sometimes you need to drive on the wrong side of the road, to avoid a big pothole on your side (of the road). The worse the roads are, the greater the number of accident will happen on the roads. This causes unnecessary, and avoidable, injury to our people.

Maintaining and repairing the roads on a regular basis creates more employment in SVG and makes us look better as a country. At the moment, when tourists come here they have a bad experience on our roads and they would see SVG as a destitute, rough country. This would not encourage them to come back, and they would tell their friends and family how bad an experience they had. They would discourage their friends and family from coming to SVG for a holiday.

The ULP regime is too short-sighted and too weak to run our economy to create prosperity for all. One only needs to look at the poverty and destitution around the country to realise this.

Looking at the state of the roads, give you the impression that SVG is a failed state.

The poor state of the roads has the potential to increase the cost of some food items in SVG. If farmers are having to spend more money to maintain the vehicles they use to bring their produce to market, because the vehicles are getting mashed up by the roads, then naturally, this could cause food prices to rise. For many years, a lot of farmers have struggled to break even with their farming. Bad roads just make farmers’ predicament worse.

SVG’s roads illustrate the neglect this country has suffered under the incompetent ULP regime. Unable to create sustainable sources of revenue, the ULP regime has let roads and other infrastructure fall into severe disrepair. It is disgraceful for the government to treat our people this way.

When the ULP regime came to power they compared SVG to Haiti. Now, it seems like the ULP regime is turning SVG into Haiti in every way possible.

As people are saying, the roads in SVG need fixing. A Green government would properly maintain SVG’s road. The roads are important for trade and transporting people and goods around the country in a timely manner. Good roads are vital for our economy.

SVG needs change.

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