Fri 21st Sep 2007

ULP regime must show remorse and step down

The Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES) was badly put together and is yet another hopeless, remedial attempt by the economically incompetent ULP regime to patch-up problems they have created and cannot sort out. It is like holding up a big sign saying 'we have failed to create jobs and stimulate the economy, so we're going to try an idea we developed on the back of a postage stamp'.

The YES program was apparently supposed to promote the economic enfranchisement of young people. However, it attracts virtually no unemployed males - 95% of users of the program are female. The program itself only attracts 450 young people out of all the thousands of young people in SVG. This is a ridiculously low figure and clearly not answering the issues of the thousands of young people. Core weakness of the ULP regime is job creation, that's why only 450 people are on the YES program.

The YES program is meant to give young people a job placement, but since the ULP regime fails to create many jobs, it clearly cannot place young people on job placements. Young people are being severely let down every day. Many companies have no confidence in the YES program. They would prefer that young people got proper training and went to a proper college.

When young people leave school they want jobs and need jobs. The reality is that this government has failed to provide jobs for all our young people and year by year the problem escalates. Young people have aspirations; they want to get on in life, and being subjected to years of poverty through unemployment by the inept ULP regime is not going to help. YES is disillusionment to young people.

The YES program is a result of ULP regime failures. But the YES program itself is a failure. One cannot point to high unemployment, overflowing prisons, out of control violent crime and overflowing courts and say 'YES, the ULP regime is a success and it is really helping young people'. It is simply not true!

Many young people are in despair and despondent, because they are intelligent enough to realise that the reality of achieving their aspirations gets further away everyday that that the ULP regime remain in office. In 2001, the incompetent ULP regime promised young people many things and 6 years later they have failed to deliver on most of these promises. Remember the hundreds and jobs promised in the call centres. The reality - no call centres, no jobs. Will the ULP regime show no remorse and step down so people can have a better life?

The SVG Green party will guarantee young people a brighter future, once SVG Green party forms government. The economy is the pivotal factor and an SVG Green party government has the ability to stimulate and uplift the economy. This is the only and surest way for young people and others in SVG to achieve their aspirations. The more jump-ups, motorcades and ad-hoc YES type programs the ULP regime does, the more you know they are trying to disguise the fact that they can't run the economy and deliver your dreams.

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