Fri 28th Sep 2007

ULP regime - still in the shackles of slavery

In the Vincentian newspaper on 21st September 2007, Ralph Gonsalves said that it is difficult to survive without grants. This is a not a strategy for economic success, in fact, it is not a strategy at all! The ULP regime has admitted that it cannot run the economy without handouts from the colonial powers and Taiwan. It is an admission by the ULP regime of defeat and helplessness, and harks back to a mentality that this nation needs to shed. The incompetent ULP regime is incapable of managing the economy - begging, borrowing and taxation is their thinking. Taiwan is the ULP regime's lifebuoy, but even with handouts the ULP regime has brought our economy down to its knees, to a very frail and weak position.

The nation, and especially young people, look to the government for leadership and inspiration. Unfortunately when we look at this ULP regime we see a government constantly on its knees with a bowed head, begging and looking to Taiwan and other countries for an income. The ULP regime is still attached by the umbilical cord to colonial powers. Mentally, the ULP regime is still in the shackles of slavery, begging to the colonial master and other more developed countries, to feed it and support it.

We cannot be proud of our country's image abroad, when the ULP regime consistently arrives in countries on their knees, begging and borrowing. This is a mentality that causes economic downturn, high unemployment and crime. Relying on begging and being breast-fed by richer countries is not a viable economic strategy. It lacks intellect and direction - the negative results are all too apparent in our society: increased poverty, declining education results and social and economic instability.

The mentality this government portrays to young people is one of dependence and helplessness and this mentality is not the type we wish to permeate into society. If the government is lost and helpless then they need to step down.

Many people in SVG society know that we have to modernise our economy and encourage a government mentality shift in order to bring a brighter future to SVG's citizens. An SVG Green party government can and will build an economy that stabilises the SVG Treasury and breaks the country out of the shackles of slavery. It is 28 years since independence and it is about time the people of SVG were delivered a true independence.

SVG needs to stand on its own two feet. A modern economy under an SVG Green party government can put the economy on its own two feet. An SVG Green party government can make the SVG economy vibrant and stop the reliance on handouts. Economic independence brings a positive 'can do' mentality, which is needed to permeate our nation and uplift our crime-ridden society. SVG does not need to be attached to the apron strings of richer nations, it needs a modern economy to lead the country to a richer era and provide opportunities for our people to become richer. The ULP regime has admitted it is defeated and helpless, but SVG deserves better and you deserve better!

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