Fri 5th Oct 2007

Will the easy calves of SVG ever be weaned?

There is a proverbial saying in our culture, which says that, 'the easy Calf sucks the most milk'. It is not for me to say if this is true or not, but in our present day Vincentian context, I believe it is true.

We are all well aware of most, if not all, of the socio-political ills ravaging our country for the past six years. Crime has become a clich'. Poverty is spiralling out of control. The gap between the haves and the haves-not is widening at a frightening pace. These are indeed getting worse by the minute. The ULP regime is indeed the first regime in SVG to give birth to so many easy Calves. They are sucking the country dry. When all the milk has been dried up only blood will be left. Will they suckle that too? When will their vampire-like appetites ever be satisfied. Will the easy calves of SVG ever be weaned?

The teats of SVG, from which all citizens use to suckle and live well, were severely reduced during the NDP government era. The factories at Camden Park closed; the sugar factory closed; the Diamond Diary closed; the stone mills closed; the Glove factory closed; Marketing Corp depots closed; and banana exports were severely reduced. Even with all those gone Vincentians continued to live well. The ULP ranted and raved and bullied their way to power citing these mistakes and promised to fix them and do a far better job. Today what do we have? The few and far between Teats that remain can only be accessed by a specially chosen few who must carry a party card and must be in the inner circle of the party camp. What is even worse is that they suckle the teat while watching their brothers and sisters struggle with starvation.

The easy Calves are to be seen everywhere, but these Calves need to understand that they cannot suckle forever, as one day the milk will be cut off to make way for a new calf. In SVG, the trend of this government speaks volumes in this respect - the easy Calves are fortified in their greed.

There are top public servants in the same position for over twenty years, stagnating the Public Service and producing little. The country is definitely not benefiting from their presence in those jobs. Upward mobility and new ideas are stifled to the detriment of the poor. This also adds to the frustration and brain-drain, because of indiscriminate promotions in the Public Service.

The time has come for us to take action. Vincentians, how much longer can we go on like this? The only way to redistribute the teats to include the poor is to change the regime. There is no other way. The keepers of the cow must go. There is absolutely no way that the crime situation or the cost of living can be brought under control with such a gross inequity existing in our country. We have to muzzle the easy Calves now, and to do so, we have to take our country back.

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