Fri 12th Oct 2007

ULP regime drags SVG into a state of economic and social decay

The ULP regime is a big disappointment to people in SVG. Promises have not been realised and the standard of living generally has gone down. Six years in office has not seen much financial benefit for many families and there is still a struggle for many families to feed themselves.

There has been an increase in the fear factor as we have seen an increase in violent and sexual crime and an increase in the ULP regime taking people to court who speak out against them. Under the ULP regime our society has been brought into a state of economic and social decay. A recent report by the United Nations and World Bank confirms this.

According to figures published in the report, SVG has a high record of rate of death due to violence and we see this under the ULP regime government. The rate of death due to violence in SVG is reportedly 22 times the rates of death due to violence in Japan. It is one of the worst rates in the Caribbean and we as a nation are suffering.

The United Nations and World Bank report also talks about the rate of rapes. It shows that SVG has one of the worst rape rates in the Caribbean. The rate is so high that it is approximately 8 times the worldwide average. This is shocking, but given the state of affairs in SVG, maybe this is no surprise to hear. However, the ULP regime tries to politicise the issue rather than deal with it. Sexual violence against women cannot be tolerated.

I think many people would agree that SVG has known much better times and the present direction of this ULP regime is disastrous. This government relies heavily on tourism as a main factor in its economic outlook. However, the above details are not exactly the kind of holiday brochure that would attract tourists or investments. We are experiencing a prolonged period of economic and social decay and the worst affected are the poor and unemployed. The ULP regime is taxing Vincentians to the eyeballs. The ability for poor people to survive is being made extremely difficult. The price of a sack of flour is now very high at $75. Water, the basis of all live, is becoming more expensive too. This can only lead to more crime in SVG as families struggle to survive. SVG is in a desperate situation.

Young people and the poor suffer so much under this ULP regime. Young people are desperate for wealth and employment and the children of the poor are being left behind. The ULP regime does not have the ability to create jobs for young people and bring wealth to the poor.

This devastation caused to our country is directly a consequence of a poorly managed SVG economy. An SVG Green Party government would strengthen the economy and bring stability back to SVG. It is intelligent economic planning and thinking that SVG needs to reduce crime and poverty and increase the wealth of the nation. This is precisely what the ULP regime lacks.

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