Fri 26th Oct 2007

When will the talkers get up and act?

The ever sensitive political situation in SVG is now accepted as a regular way of life. Since the last general elections, the country has not relaxed its election mode. In fact we live in a constant awareness of the widening political divide which is fuelled daily by the ULP regime's nonsensical misguided policies. This is the first government in SVG that has committed so many atrocities against the people in so short a time. No one can dispute the fact that the ULP in Opposition did a reason job, and it is becoming more apparent that is where it belongs. The image sold to the population and more specifically to their members and supporters was almost perfect. This was surely to be translated into a formula for propelling the country into a wonderful and prosperous future. But it hasn't!

Six years have passed since the people of SVG gave the ULP a chance to serve. And for a party that had a plan for every sector the economy, to enact integrity legislation, to curb and stamp out corruption, they have earned an E minus for their very poor performance. The saddest part of this whole scenario is the fact that the other eleven helpless members of the cabinet are simply 'yes people' and are totally spineless when it comes to standing up for themselves and their constituents. What a shame! Not a single constituency of the fifteen in SVG gets a proper representation from their representatives. This is a country where everything is going wrong.

The ULP regime is making a fool of the judiciary by wasting the courts' time with frivolous law suits. Democracy is under serious attack. If this trend goes unchecked for much longer, it will certainly result in spontaneous combustion. Those who have eyes to see, let them see. Are we a population of talkers? We continue to enhance the multinational phone companies' bank accounts even more with the advent of the numerous call-in talk shows.

Have we ever stopped to think and consider the fact that SVG has too many Talkers and very few Actors? Sadly this is where our blessed country has arrived. We are saturated with so many people knowledgeable about what to do to bring SVG back from the verge of ethical, moral and financial bankruptcy. We call on them to come forward with their energy, ideas and enthusiasm to move SVG forward. The talkers can clearly see this ULP regime is bringing this country down. Now is your time to act and put your ideas in to action. Come forward and make the ultimate sacrifice for your country: political public service.

It is time to act. There is an SOS written everywhere you go: can't you see it? There will be no SVG as we know it now in a very short time. All the Talkers need to come together now in a new movement, one in Defence of the Democracy of Our Homeland, SVG. The SVG Green Party will facilitate and lead this new movement of Visionaries that will lead SVG into the new future.

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