Fri 9th Nov 2007

Your country needs you

Many prominent people in our society and beyond are concerned about the high level of violent crime and lawlessness that takes place on a daily basis in SVG. His Excellency the Governor General, the senior High Court judge, the senior magistrate, the SVG Green Party, the assistant secretary general of OAS and thousands of Vincentians living abroad have expressed their concerns.

Security is one of the main things that a government should provide its citizens for them to truly exist in a democracy. There is no point in having freedom of movement if you are too scared to go out of your front door. Sadly, the reality is in SVG, whether you step out of your front door or not, your risk of being a victim of crime has increased in recent years. Many Vincentians living abroad feel unable to return because of crime here.

Essentially, a strong economy underpins individual security. Countries with a strong economy such as Japan and England, have lower rates of crime and the fear level of being a victim of crime is much lower too than in SVG on a per capita basis. The incompetent ULP regime has dragged our economy down, and hence, at the same time eroded away our individual freedom.

The ULP regime's shocking inability to adequately stimulate the SVG economy has caused the decay in SVG. Whilst they try to gloss over the problems with questionable statements of economic growth, one need only look around to see the truth. The courts are overrun; every week newspapers report violent crimes - gunshots, rapes, cutlass attacks; we have very high unemployment because opportunities are not being created for people to work in stable jobs; people are going hungry; businesses are seeing their profits drop substantially; and the education system is not giving children the right tools for life and employment.

SVG Green Party will build a strong economy with good intellectual management. With a strong economy businesses flourish, jobs are created, proper education can be provided, highly skilled individuals are in abundance, poverty is eradicated, violent crime diminishes, democracy is strengthened and the cost of living is affordable to poorer families.

Six years in office has shown that the ULP regime cannot provide this for SVG. Although they may be too embarrassed to admit this, they should. Pride should be put aside and the priority of the welfare of the nation should make them do the honourable thing and step down from office.

We say to all citizens that at this point in time your country needs you. You can no longer sit back and relax and wait for the good life you dream of, as it is very unlikely to come with this present government. How soon do you want a better life, 5 years?, 10 years? or tomorrow? Come together with others that want to build a better and safer SVG. SVG needs strong leadership with an intelligent, visionary approach to build a strong economy. Only this can bring a high standard of living for all, an eradication of crime, and a tranquil, safe environment.

With the visionary SVG Green Party in the driving seat, we can be assured of a positive lifestyle.

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