Fri 23rd Nov 2007

ULP regime's shallow education is bad for SVG

Since taking office in 2001, the ULP regime has made the Common Entrance Examination (CEE) easier. Sixty four schools sat the CEE and not one school gained the 45% in mathematics. It is disappointing that out of all the children in SVG of A level taking age, the ULP regime's disastrous education strategy only got 387 students to any level of progress.

SVG Green party congratulates all students who did well in their examinations. To those who are not achieving, we empathise with your struggle to gain an education in a lacklustre education system.

We live in a world where economies are driven by technology, yet SVG's weakness in education is in mathematics and science. Rather than correcting this weakness in education, the ULP regime seems to focus on political bribery by handing out monetary gifts to children. This is a short-sighted approach and should not be encouraged.

The feature speaker at the SVGTU rally on 14th November 2007, Mr Simeon Greene, voiced concerns about our children's development. He said 'we are losing our children, therefore we are losing our soul'. Mr Greene challenged our society at large to have more discussion about our children's education and overall development.

Mr Greene expressed concerns too that some of our children were entering secondary school still unable able to read. The SVG Green party supports his call for national consultation on our children's education. 'SVG Green party is on record in condemning the ULP regime's upside down education policy of introducing universal secondary education before universal primary school education.

SVG does not exist in a bubble, it exists in the world, a modern world. Our children are being failed by being offered a 20th century education system in a 21st century world. Changing the CEE to make it easier and make pass rates seem better is scandalous. Whilst the ULP regime tries to fool the nation with this approach, as a nation we fool ourselves and fail our children. Our children have to operate in a modern global job market and if we arm them with a dysfunctional provincial education they will find it very difficult to get jobs in a modern global economy. It is unfair on the children and they should not be disrespected in this way.

In today's modern world, children in SVG have as much right to compete for jobs in all other parts of the world. Secondary school teacher jobs in England start at over EC$ 90,000 dollars. But how can our young people even contemplate competing for this type of salary, when they have an immediate disadvantage with the education the ULP regime offers?

The longer we leave this irrational education policy in place, the more damage it will do to our children's education and the overall development of SVG. SVG Green party asks you to give it the opportunity to deliver a 21st century education system in SVG to substantially benefit our children. To succeed in the modern economy our children need modern tools. Unfortunately, our children are being armed with broken spanners at a time when they need precision tools.

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