St. Vincent & the Grenadines Green Party

Articles 2012

Looking back at 2012

Recession causing unemployment and tough Christmas

Tax and customs duty exemptions to Mustique, Canouan and Taiwan a serious threat to the people SVG

SVG 2013 Budget Estimates - throwing mud on the poor, whilst bathing the super-rich with tax exemptions

Argyle airport progress - drip, drip, drip

Free internet and a 50% cut in the price of water and electricity

Argyle airport - another ULP regime white elephant?

Tourism can never be the engine of the SVG economy

ULP independence address 2012 - nothing to report

ULP regime's wilful destruction of prime agricultural lands is an act of madness

Downgrading - is it a Moody's - ULP conspiracy to inflate the need for Argyle airport?

The value of mathematics and science

33% salary increase - is Gonsalves a hypocrite or greedy?

Will St. Vincent and the Grenadines be declared a dunce nation by 2025?

$6686 salary increase for PM Gonsalves in 2011, but no 3% wage increase in 2011 for the PSU.

The economic tables have turned against PM Gonsalves

New school year, but what future for our children?

SVG farmers deprived of $207 million

Technology is cheap - Taiwan and Venezuela are expensive

Three science and technology universities for SVG under a Green government

Argyle airport - a colossal mistake

Argyle airport must be cancelled now

Economic cannibalism is eating the poor

$3.013 billion wasted between 2001-2012

Gonsalves - confused and incompetent in managing the affairs of SVG