St. Vincent & the Grenadines Green Party

Articles 2015

CWSA $25 monthly fixed charge on price of water is a gross injustice

European Union joins SVG Green Party in call to abolish tax havens in SVG

Who is best suited to manage SVG public accounts - Ivan O’Neal or Gonsalves?

Vincentian poor being denied their right to vote for the sake of $15

SVG government should reach out to the Garifuna people

Gonsalves wants 4th term, but fails in managing public finances

A Green government will end second phase of colonialism in SVG

Airport for sale: EC$1

Revenue creation needed to give our people jobs and prosperity

Young people – university, free wifi internet and innovation

ULP regime - weak economy, high poverty and high unemployment until 2030

Argyle airport dead – Do Not Resuscitate

Obama repeats SVG Green Party university message

ULP regime’s VAT – idiotic and contradictory

ULP regime celebrates 14 years of chaos in public finances

Reject Louis Straker, Gonsalves and the ULP regime at the polls

SVG – doom and gloom under the ULP regime

It will be a crime against humanity for the ULP regime to kill standpipes

SVG – third highest rape rate in the world in 2007

Will the United Nations be forced to supply food for the poor in SVG?

Argyle – the ulcer that does not heal

Parliament should be recalled to examine VINLEC’s alleged 2014 loss

ULP regime punishes Vincentians with more taxes

EC$700 million wasted on Argyle airport – the opportunity cost

Green economy needed in SVG