St. Vincent & the Grenadines Green Party

Articles 2016

Mr Ivan O’Neal calls for a billion dollar investment in education a year from 2017 onwards

The weaker the economy, the greater the killing of our rainforest

Not in the public interest to sell off E. T. Joshua airport to foreigners

Argyle in a swamp - convert to renewable energy estate

The Mustique Act No 48 of 2002 is ungodly and must be abolished

Gonsalves – climate change hypocrite

Immigration – we must take back SVG from the white migrants

Unprecedented poverty causing social unrest and full jail

IADC Directors fees - 42 cents a day?

The Honourable Doctor of Incompetence

Caribbean Science University Inc.

Geothermal will kill our drinking water and can cause earthquakes

White migrants’ tax exemptions causing poverty and increasing flood damage

Argyle airport foolish

High number of repeaters evidence of ULP education failure

Tax avoidance and transparency – the world’s mood has changed!

Put handcuffs on Gonsalves for gross incompetence

Taiwan is a dirty parasite and owes SVG billions of dollars in fish tax

Economic genocide against black people in SVG

ULP regime stabbing Ivan O’Neal university in the back

Education system failing SVG’s children

Argyle airport – a EC$1.3 billion embarrassment that may never open

Is Gonsalves provoking bloodshed in sale of crown lands in Canouan?

Should Gonsalves be put on trial for selling Crown Lands in Canouan?

20 primary schools get a 100% pass in the 2016 Primary School Exit Exams