St. Vincent & the Grenadines Green Party

Articles 2022

Disappointing Budget Estimates 2023

Value-added exports and Green industries needed to boost SVG economy

Apartheid not welcome in SVG

SVG needs its own fish processing and canning factory


Too few young people getting a university education in SVG

Climate change and SVG

They tinker, but fail to create sustainable sources of revenue

Poor quality of people in charge

After 20 years in office they still begging

Universal preschools in SVG under a Green Government

Gas and electricity prices up. Does this mean more trees coming down?

Will modern diet cause future health problems?

Condolences to the royal family in the UK

SVG crime is out of control under the ULP regime

Technical skills training is urgently needed to move SVG into prosperity

SVG economy in worst condition in living memory under poorly educated ULP regime

Green revolution needed to solve SVG’s economic and financial crisis

Foreign criminal given SVG citizenship

SVG must stop producing electricity from diesel - fuel surcharge too high

No progress in the last 10 years under the ULP regime

ULP Regime must put more revenue into SVG Treasury than it gives away to its friends

SVG’s dependency upon tourism and foreign fuel is a big risk

Stop the killing of women!

SVG needs its own science university for a prosperous future