St. Vincent & the Grenadines Green Party

Articles 2023

Canada bans the sale of land to foreigners

Tax Exemptions to Mustique, Canuoan and Taiwan causing malnutrition in SVG's children

Budget for education far too small

SVG needs to do its bit on protecting the environment

Youth unemployment rate over 40 per cent

Vinlec surcharge is way too high and unnecessary

More public funds stolen under the ULP regime’s reign

ULP regime increasing debt, rather than reducing debt

SVG still needs factories to create mass employment

Young people deserve more

SVG needs to ditch the parasite Taiwan

Justice for public workers

Hunger, poverty and inequality

Everyone should have access to piped, fresh drinking water

Focusing on tourism makes the SVG economy weak and vulnerable

Still a high level of poverty in SVG

SVG’s greatest problem is a lack of visionary leadership

Tighten the border – stop the guns getting into our country!

Where are we going?

Jobless workers in Mustique must unite to battle for what they are owed

Another difficult year ahead