Articles 2021

What will SVG taxpayers get back from the failed LIAT

SVG needs to earn revenue from abroad – no money circulating

Vincentians – we must stand up for our human rights

SVG should go 100% renewable energy for electricity production

ULP regime put jail before education

Taiwan is SVG’s greatest economic mistake

Government should make internet free and cut water and electricity price by 50% to help recovery

Crime is very high in SVG

SVG needs free, state-funded preschool system for our children

SVG Teacher cries ‘Help! Help! Our children can’t read!’

SVG is at a precipice: do we go Green for prosperity or foolishly focus on tourism and have long-term squalor

Public debate on SVG’s public finances needed between PM Gonsalves and Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal

Tax havens for foreigners in SVG are very bad for our people

ULP regime’s school-to-prison pipeline

Many Vincentians not coming back to SVG to live

Standpipes needed throughout SVG to help poorer households avert health problems

ULP regime makes Courts (St. Vincent) pay tax, but not the super-rich, white migrants & Taiwan

SVG Green Party calls for vote of no confidence in ULP regime – not enough money in the SVG Treasury to fund a Supplementary Budget

Volcano ash dust being blown around Kingstown is a major health threat

Substantial changes needed to create prosperity and move SVG forward

Is the SVG government conning the world by taking financial donations?

Impose a windfall tax on Taiwan and super-rich of Mustique and Canouan

Geothermal drilling and La Soufriere eruption – any link?

Invest US$110 million in science university, not in new Kingstown port

SVG will never achieve prosperity without sustainable sources of revenue