Articles 2020

Is the ULP regime really committed to Free and Fair elections in SVG?

We must create employment for young people in SVG

ULP and NDP regimes - dreamers

Vote Green to make the super-rich white parasites of Mustique and Canouan pay tax

Gonsalves – poverty, crime and unemployment

The ULP Regime has lost its economic direction

NDP regime plans to waste millions more on Ottley Hall marina

Taiwan owes the SVG Treasury over $50 billion in unpaid Fish Tax

CPEA 2020 results should be published by name of school

ULP Regime’s jail - wasted opportunity and wasted money

Replace Ministry of Tourism with Ministry of Technology

Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal supports PM Gaston Browne’s opting out of OECS and CARICOM idea

LIAT - long-term addict

Boundary changes – all political parties should be involved

No progress in SVG under the ULP regime

White racism oppressing black poor and powerless indigenous people of SVG

Stupidity beyond belief!

Why is the NDP regime silent on taxing the super-rich of Mustique and Canouan?

SVG needs new leadership

ULP regime failing farmers

Small businesses needed for prosperity after COVID-19

SVG must adopt Singapore, Sweden & Switzerland’s free, high-quality education strategy for prosperity

Relying on aid for fresh drinking water security is a national embarrassment

We must protect and preserve our rainforests and watersheds

ULP regime’s failure to invest in education and a university is costing Vincentian lives