Articles 2010

Should PM Gonsalves be asked to step aside and stay at home on leave for his incomprehensibly poor management of SVG's finance?

SVG Green Party calls for Gonsalves' resignation for acting like a dictator with non-compliance with the SVG 1979 Constitution and the Finance and Audit Act 1964

Over 9 years of ULP financial incompetence and now the ULP want to privatise NCB?

Are Taiwan, Mustique Company and Wafic Said riding on the back of Vincentians?

A digital smart grid will replace VINLEC's fuel surcharge and electricity monopoly under a Green government

Manning government kicked out in T&T general election: their incompetencies are mirrored in SVG

It is time for Taiwan to leave SVG, they are sucking the blood out of our country

VINLEC's price of electricity must be cut and the incompetent PM Gonsalves must resign

ULP's mass tourism is sinking - will PM be forced to go to the IMF

Cure the cause of crime - education must change to single sex schools

Mustique Island ownership - research shows entitlement is dubious - we must reclaim as a heritage right

Will Iran's missiles, via associate Venezuela, be positioned in SVG for a military confrontation with the USA?

$176 million bank overdraft, $108 million deficit and now a $43 million purchase of military vessels from Malaysia

Vincentians, get out of St. Vincent!

Price of CWSA piped water should be cut by 50%

Outrageous tax and customs duties exemptions - crimes against the Vincentian people?

Is Mustique's 'club of exclusives' concept of super tax duties exemptions, a serious threat to SVG's security and social stability?

Financial incompetence and unethical practices are breaking the SVG economy

Is Mustique a state within a state?

Shame on ULP - Canouan primary school closed for lack of drinking water

The collapse of Greece's tourism economy - a warning for SVG

ULP million dollar gifts to company X, yet no money available to purchase medicines for hospitals

PM chokes on his own vomit

2010 Budget shows the ULP regime is digging a hole to fill a hole - borrowing to pay debt

Not even a Dream Team can save the ULP from an election slaughter at the next polls