Articles 2014

High number of students - 438 - still not passing primary school exit exam

Parasitic super-rich of Mustique a serious threat to SVG's development and our people's rights

List of eligible voters, 130,560 people, is highly fraudulent

Hundreds of millions of dollars missing - Gonsalves should be put on trial for gross incompetence

Young people deserve prosperity and a brighter future

Convert Argyle airport site to a wind farm for renewable energy and cheaper electricity

Massive coastal and marine pollution damage at Argyle

Vincentians living under apartheid in Mustique

ULP regime like a dog chasing its tail

Argyle airport - ULP regime failure

IMF concerned about ULP regime financial incompetence

Poor people under threat of illness outbreak

ULP regime wasted EC$700 million on Argyle airport

Financial incompetence killing Barbados and SVG

ULP regime disrespecting arrowroot farmers and neglecting North Windward

CARICOM - 40 years of failure

Public inquiry needed in to SVG financial mess

We must crush this second phase of colonialism in SVG

Canouan and Union Island have been neglected by ULP and NDP regimes

$112.9 million NCB money missing - ULP regime, where is this money?

Mustique super-rich should pay tax and customs duties or go home

ULP regime begging has caused the economy to stagnate and fostered low self-esteem

SVG economy needs trade-led development and education to become strong

War with nature or war with ignorance?

We must not destroy our country for the sake of tourism