Articles 2018

Vincentian business man says ‘Penny Bread’ the leading product in SVG

Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal says high corporation tax is killing the economy

Vincentian father says no future for young people in SVG

Deep discrimination in taxation in SVG

SVG must ditch the dirty dog Taiwan

The country has NO confidence in the ULP regime

Climate Resilience Levy Bill does not make sense

Ivan O’Neal calls on Camillo Gonsalves to resign as SVG Minister of Finance

ULP regime cannot manage education and money

SVG must follow T&T and deport undesirable white migrants in Mustique and Canouan

Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal stunned by Gonsalves’ “NO fishing Agreement between Taiwan and SVG”

ULP regime the lacks vision and dedication to move SVG forward

Poor-quality education, low-skilled and cheap labour bad for economic development

ULP regime like a fish out of water

VAT is killing our economy and country

White migrant foreigners - stop stealing our beaches!

Young people need skills training and business education

ANC backs call to take back white-owned land without compensation

Billion dollar grant aid given to SVG has benefitted Taiwan and super-rich white migrants

Tourism failing SVG people – no ‘trickle-down’

Camillo Gonsalves punishes the poor – remove him as SVG Minister of Finance

SVG Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves should resign

Budget Estimates 2018 – Massive Fiscal Deficit of $372 million

Bad feeder roads choking agriculture to death

Free, high-quality education must be our vision, not tourism