St. Vincent & the Grenadines Green Party


Thousands of new jobs


A Green economy is the only solution to create mass employment in SVG and give our people jobs.

Unemployment stands unacceptably high at over 50%. For many people it's hard to get a job, simply because there are few jobs around.

A Green government will create thousands of new jobs in new factories, renewable energy industries, our own university construction and running, a deep sea fishing and fish processing industry, building preschools, a water exporting industry, a vibrant small business sector, manufacturing and other areas of the new Green economy.

By increasing our exports and reducing our imports, we will create growth in the private sector and this will create thousands of new jobs. With a Green government, there will be at least 5 new factories in SVG and we will set up the economy to nurture businesses. We will abolish VAT.

A Green government will focus less on tourism, which is a dead end, and more on new global industries such as water export, a fish industry, agro-processing, factories and by charging foreign students to attend the SVG university. We can earn more money from an education service industry than we will ever get from tourism.

With an SVG wind farm industry, renewable energy could provide thousands of jobs and electricity for all SVG homes. Household electricity bills could be reduced to virtually nothing. Areas such as North Windward, North Leeward, Central Leeward and South Leeward are prime areas for wind farm renewable energy production.

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