St. Vincent & the Grenadines Green Party


Vote Green for a prosperous future

Let us make world history and move SVG up the world ladder by voting in the first Green government in the world. A Green result would rock the world and show that our country is a forward-thinking nation.

  • I formed the Green party because I love our country. I love our people. I love our history and am proud of who we are.
  • I formed the Green party because I believe in equality. We are the only party believing that if you give people equality and responsibility, they will grow stronger and society will grow stronger.
  • I formed the Green party because I believe in aspiration. This party is the only party that wants everybody to achieve their hopes and dreams. Aspiration though only comes with real education. It is unfair though that about 96 per cent of children are failed by the ULP.
  • I formed the Green party because I believe the children are the future and we must invest in them. All my children have been to university and I believe most children in SVG have the ability to get to university. They just need to be given an opportunity.

The ULP’s idea of giving our children a future is Belle Isle. They built a jail rather than a university. That’s what they think of your child’s ability and future.

The change to innovative, new Green economics will resuscitate the SVG economy. A strong economy will create thousands of new jobs for the people and bring in a substantial income to the SVG Treasury. Mass tourism will destroy SVG and will not create long-term income or long-term jobs.

We have suffered 17 years of NDP economic incompetence and now over 12 years of ULP economic incompetence. They both had their chance and they both failed us. Now, give SVG Green Party a chance to deliver your dreams.

On election day, let us join together and make world history by voting in the first green government in the world. Let us join together and really begin to build a better, prosperous life for all Vincentians.

Vote Green. Vote for the telephone. We all deserve a better future.

Ivan O’Neal